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___________________ thesis is that certain virtues are indispensable if Christians are to responsibly fulfill their calling to be earthkeepers.

 In short, certain traits of character are central to creation care. I attempt to redeem this claim by first gaining greater understanding of the nature of virtue. 

What is virtue and what are the virtues? In the second section, by attending to Scripture, I draw out various theological motifs and ethical principles and in so doing develop a list of virtues and corresponding vices. 

Which virtues are prominent in the Bible, especially with respect to the study (ecology) and ordering (economics) of the household that is the earth? Along the way I (all too briefly) argue for the necessity of these ecological virtues.--

Steven Bouma-Prediger

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A series of papers, discussions, and educational materials on environmental issues from an Evangelical viewpoint.

General Information

The ASA Journal has published dozens of papers on environmental topics over the last five decades. Readers are encouraged to discover these riches via the PSCF-JASA database.

Current evangelical discussion of the topic has moved from the classroom to the pew with a resultant 'greening' of churches. We offer a series of papers which examine current issues  that illustrates the sharp differences that exist over the significance of particular problems and their remediation. Although some evangelical churches have taken up the task of conservation and committed their congregations to recycling and other strategies for reducing our carbon footprint,  It remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enduring.

The Daintree Rain Forest in Queensland Australia

At this writing (early-2012) global environmental issues continue to divide Christians with little hope of resolution in the short-term. A severe recession, political divisions, indifference, and the comfort zones of middle-class Christian get in the way of environmentally sensitive behavior. JWH  .

Environmental articles from PSCF March 2012

Complete March 2012 Issue        [PDF]  
It Takes a Team        [PDF]    1 James C. Peterson Editorial
Contemplation in a Technological Era: Learning from Thomas Merton        [PDF]    3 Albert Borgmann Article
Utopian Thinking in Contemporary Technology versus Responsible Technology for an Imperfect World        [PDF]    11 Marc J. de Vries Article
Engineering Is Not Science        [PDF]    20 Steven H. VanderLeest Article
Technology, Complexity, and Engineering Design: A Rationale for a Connectionist Approach        [PDF]    31 Gayle E. Ermer Article
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future: A Christian Imperative        [PDF]    41 Kenell Touryan Article
How Should Christians Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Agrarian Systems? A Normative Evaluation        [PDF]    51 David Dornbos Jr. Article
Integrated Solar Cooking: An Underutilized Solution        [PDF]    62 Paul Arveson Article

A Case Study: Dec. 9, 2011  E.P.A. Links Tainted Water in Wyoming to Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas   By KIRK JOHNSON 
The draft report represents a new scientific and political skirmish line over whether fracking, as it is more commonly known, poses a threat. 

Bob White,  Insight: Why should Christians care for the environment? Video 5 Min. The Faraday Society

The issues stemming from  overpopulation, pollution, limited resources, and today the threat of global warming will not go away.  

2003 Symposium   Christian Environmentalism With/Out Boundaries: Living as Part of God's Good Earth
Sponsored by
Calvin College and the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

Guest Editorial: John Wood, et. al., "Christian Environmentalism: Cosmos, Community, and Place," JASA 57 (March 2005): 1-5.

Bert Stephenson, "Nature, Technology, and the imago Dei: Mediating the Nonhuman through the Practice of Science," JASA 57 (March 2005): 6-12.

David S. Koetje, "Place-Based Agriculture: Christian Environmentalism Informing Collaborations in Agroecology & Biotechnology," JASA 57 (March 2005): 13-23.

David Warners and Larry Borst, " The Good of a Flourishing Creation: Seeking God in a Culture of Affluence," JASA 57 (March 2005): 24-33.

David R. Clements and Wayne V. Corapi, "Paradise Lost? Setting the Boundaries Around Invasive Species," JASA 57 (March 2005): 44-54.

Dorothy Boorse, "Anti-Aging: Radical Longevity, Environmental Impacts and Christian Theology," JASA 57 (March 2005): 55-64.


Janel Curry, Christians and Climate Change: A Social Framework of Analysis, PSCF 60 (2008): 156.

Fred Van Dyke, "Cultural Transformation and Conservation: Growth, Influence, and Challenges for the Judeo - Christian Stewardship Environmental Ethic," PSCF 58 (March 2006}: 48-63.

Swearengen, Jack & Woodhouse, Edward, Overconsumption: An Ethical Dilemma for Christian Engineers PSCF 54 (June 2002):80-92.

Hall, Steven, Toward a Theology of Sustainable Agriculture PSCF 54 (June 2002: 103-107.

Desert Rose rosette formations of the minerals gypsum and barite with sand inclusions.

Spaling, Harry, Zwier, Janelle & Kupp, David, "Earthkeeping and the Poor: Assessing the Environmental Sustainability of Development Projects," PSCF 53 (September 2001): 142    [HTML]    [PDF]

Miller, Keith B., "Natural Hazards: Challenges to the Creation Mandate of Dominion?" PSCF 53 (September 2001): 184.  [HTML]   [PDF]

Paul Seung-Hun Yang, "Creation Science and Caring for the Creation in Korea" PSCF 50 (December 1998): 279-283.

Jim Ball, "The Use of Ecology in the Evangelical Response to the Ecological Crisis," PSCF 50 (March 1998): 32-38.

Steven Bouma-Prediger, "Creation Care and Character: The Nature and Necessity of the Ecological Virtues," PSCF 50 (March 1998): 6-21.Condor

Harry Spalling and Annette Dekker, "Cultural Sustainable Development: Concepts and Principles," PSCF 48 (December 1996): 230-240.

Condor in flight over Peru's Colca Canyon 

Philip Schafran, "Is Mankind the Measure?: Old Testament Perspectives on Mankind's Place in the Natural World," PSCF 47 (June 1995): 92-102.

Calvin B. DeWitt, "Christian Environmental Stewardship: Preparing the Way for Action," PSCF 46 (June 1994) 80-89.

Richard H. Bube, "Do Biblical Models Need to Be Replaced In Order to Deal Effectively with Environmental Issues," PSCF 46 (June 1994): 90-97.

Mark Stanton and Dennis Guernsay, "Christians' Ecological Responsibility: A Theological Introduction and Challenge,"PSCF 45 (March 1993): 2-7.

Global Warming

 Srtting the stage: two short videos:

        Global Warming Video 9 min. 

        Irreversible, Irreplaceable - Wildlife in a Warming World Video 9:43 Min. Earthjustice

The serious environmental issues raised by the recent increase in world temperatures have been the subject of much public discussion. While all of the factors and the extent of their contributions is not precisely known, the scientific community is strongly (but not completely) committed to the view that human activity plays a major role and that a world-wide effort is required to slow the temperature effect. In early 2009, Evangelicals are increasingly engaged in efforts to clean-up the past and develop ways to live more responsibly in the future.

John Houghton, Global Warming Climate Change and Sustainability: Challenge to Scientists, Policy Makers and Christians, John Ray Briefing Paper #14 (2007) A readable, reliable introduction to the topic.

Schweiger, A Proper Human Response to Global Climate Change  ASA Annual Meeting,   August 05, 2008 Audio

Keith Miller, Geologic Record of Global Climate Change: Context for Modern Global Warming, ASA Annual Meeting,  August 05, 2008. Audio

Joe Sheldon, Reducing Your Footprint: Build Right, Build Green, ASA Annual Meeting,  August 05, 2008. Audio

Creation Care Websites & Statements a broad list of sites and resources

Hi Randy,


We met a couple of years ago at a meeting in DC for environmental leaders.  i founded and continue to direct the Creation Care Study Program (CCSP) which you may be familiar with.  Last year Renewal, the peer-to-peer Christian student environmental leadership program, became a partner program with CCSP and so I also mentor and work with Renewal too.  With that little background let me get to the reason I'm writing.  


For the past few years I have been working on forming the Center for Environmental Leadership CEL), and not long ago we  launched the center with the founding partners, CCSP, Houghton College, and George Fox university.  Here's how we describe our mission and work on our website (


Were devoted to two things; helping individuals, institutions, and communities act on their convictions to care for creation, and educating the next generation of Christian environmental leaders.


Most recent entry: 2/22/2011

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