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Private Schools — Introduction
I.O.U. —
Later, hopefully by November 2010, this page will begin with a short discussion (relevant for choosing a school) about the advantages and disadvantages of private schools, either Christian or secular, compared with other types of schools: public, charter, and home.  Then it will transition into a focus on Christian education in private schools.

      Christian Education — Resources

      Currently, relevant web-resources are in Christian Worldview Education — with Christian Education following sections about Education in the Home, Informal Education, and Lifelong Learning.   /   I.O.U. — Later, hopefully by November 2010, more will be here.  And the section below, about "general education resources" in other parts of the website, will be condensed.

      Education — General and Worldview
      Two worthy goals are improved quality for general education and worldview education:
      Improving general education is the main theme in 3 areas of the website, in EFFECTIVE TEACHING (with teaching strategies and teaching activities), LEARNING SKILLS (to help students learn how to learn more effectively inside and outside school) and THINKING SKILLS (with creative thinking and critical thinking combined in methods for problem solving in design and science).
      A world-view is a view of everything, so principles for worldview education are important in many areas, but especially in Christian Worldview Education & Christian Stewardship of Life & Apologetics & Postmodernism and Christians in Science.  Our worldviews affect how we look at QUESTIONS ABOUT CREATION and Origins Education in Public Schools and Christian Schools and (later) Informal Media.

In this page you'll find links to resource-pages expressing a wide range of views, which don't necessarily represent the views of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Therefore, linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by the ASA.  We encourage you to use your own critical thinking to evaluate everything you read.

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