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Effective Teaching Strategies

( instruction methods for improving education )


Strategies for Effective Teaching

• The high-quality pages below offer lots of interesting ideas for you to think about.

ACTIVE LEARNING — STRATEGIES & THEORIES asks, "How can theories of active learning (constructivism, inquiry, meaningful reception,...) be used in effective teaching strategies that promote effective learning?"

You can Browse the Education Standards in 30 areas, including 4 in Life Skills! (plus links for purpose, history, process, and more)

Standards-Based Accountability in Education, as in No Child Left Behind, with the goal of Ensuring Quality, is examined in reports by Bryan Goodwin (with links to more at bottom of page) and (in abstract & full text) Laura Lefkowits & Sheila Arens and Susan Biemesderfer;  these questions are explored by PBS in The Challenge of Standards and were the the focus of A National Dialogue on Standards-Based Education;  an overview (of claims, criticisms, and more) is in Wikipedia.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) — hint: use their Thesaurus and (at top of page) Search ERIC using Advanced Search.

Regional Educational Laboratories — with Publications from 10 labs in the U.S.


Quotations about Education — in collections that are small ( 1  2 ) and large ( 3 but with some "retrieval failures")

New Horizons for Learning offers plenty of high-quality "effective teaching" resources you can explore!

ACSD shares excellent articles from Educational Leadership and offers useful summaries of Education Topics and more.

Education for Problem Solving & Thinking Skills (using Design Method & Scientific Method) and Aesop's Activities for Goal-Directed Education by Craig Rusbult, plus Metacognition: An Overview by Jennifer Livingston

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

Effective Schooling for At-Risk Students

Trends in Education Reform & Ed-Web by Andy Carvin

Tips for Teaching (many links to interesting, useful ideas)

• You can also explore pages with links plus overview-summaries:  for the combining of CREATIVITY and CRITICAL THINKING into PROBLEM SOLVING in the area of Thinking Skills;  and in School Options you can see a range of perspectives on RELIGION IN PUBLIC EDUCATION.   Also, HOME SCHOOLS is similar to this "effective teaching" page because, although it has no overview-summaries, it does have links to lots of information that could be useful for all teachers and learners, not just homeschoolers.

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