This page explains strategies for searching the ASA Website
(either all of it of part of it) by using the search-window
in the upper-right corner of the


A Strategy for Searching in a Specific Part of the Website:
This website for Whole-Person Education
is one part of the larger overall website of ASA.
To search for pages inside this education-website, just
add the following term to the words you're searching for,
and you'll find only pages in ASA's "education" website,
because only these pages have "ASA/education" in their URL.

To exclude all pages in this education-website from your search,
to see what's in other parts of the ASA website, add a "-" and type
and pages with "ASA/education/" are excluded from your search.

For example,
To find all pages about "worldviews" in the entire ASA Website, type
To get only pages in the website for Whole-Person Education, type
worldviews ASA/education
To get only pages that are in other parts of the ASA Website, type
worldviews -ASA/education

To include messages from the e-mail discussion lists of ASA, remove
"-archive/evolution" or "-archive/asa" from your search-window.
These search-limiters are automatically added to every search,
to prevent email-pages from outnumbering regular web-pages,
but you can remove them to "search everything" if you want.
Or you can search in only the ASA-List or Evolution-List by
removing the "-" from either term so it will be required
in any page found by the search engine we use, Google.

If you want to skip this page and go directly to the ASA Home-Page,
just type "" in the address-window of your browser,
and then bookmark it in your "favorites";  the search feature
is in the upper-right corner of ASA's homepage.