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Thinking Skills in Education and Life

An important goal of education is helping students learn how to think more effectively.
The pages below will help you, as a learner and/or teacher, improve your skills in
Creative Thinking (to generate ideas) and Critical Thinking (to evaluate ideas)
and combining these skills into productive Problem-Solving Skills:
Creative Thinking
Be Creative, but...
What, Why, and How
Can we teach creativity?
Research about Creativity 
Critical Thinking
What is critical thinking?
Why teach critical thinking?
How to Teach it Effectively
Logic of Critical Thinking
Ethics of Critical Thinking
Problem-Solving Skills
Blending Creative-and-Critical
Multiple Intelligences & Styles
Thinking Skills in Education
Methods in Design & Science
Problem Solving in Education

LINKS for Areas of "Whole-Person Education" Website

This homepage for Thinking Skills in Education and Life is

and our website for Whole-Person Education (*) has information in 7 areas:
Thinking Skills, Learning Skills, Effective Teaching, School Options,
The Nature of Science, Origins Questions, and Worldviews.

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