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      Christians in Science

      Conflict between Christianity and Science?  The "warfare" metaphor is distorted and oversimplistic, as explained in THE TWO BOOKS OF GOD.  And you can check OTHER LINKS-PAGES about relationships between science and Christian faith.

      CAREERS (and associated ministry opportunities) FOR CHRISTIANS IN SCIENCE is about the challenges and benefits, to self and others, of serving God by working as a scientist.
      It cites two links-pages written by Jack Haas for the general ASA website — a Youth Page & College Science Teaching/Research — plus information (description, endorsements, review, how to buy) about Being a Christian in Science (an excellent book by Walter Hearn) and the Emerging Scholars Network, Students and Early Career Network (at meetings of the American Scientific Affiliation and beyond) plus a symposium organized by the Students and Early Career Network of ASA at our meeting in 2008, and articles in the ASA journal (Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith) for College Students and Early Career Scientists.

      STEWARDSHIP OF LIFE AS A CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW takes a broad view of Christian stewardship — it should include everything in life, including our time, opportunities, abilities, relationships, financial assets, knowledge, environment, resources,... — and provides resources about Christians caring for the world given to us by God, using Christian commitment and ethics for questions that are scientific, economic, environmental, medical, ethical,...

In this page you'll find links to resource-pages expressing a wide range of views, which don't necessarily represent the views of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Therefore, linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by the ASA.  We encourage you to use your own critical thinking to evaluate everything you read.

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