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"As we enter the next millennium, many countries in the Developing World (the South) continue to endure hardships: economical, medical, political, and spiritual.

 Economic and scientific development issues are hardly considered by the populace when they are hungry, oppressed, or concerned about just plain survival.

 Science, in western thinking, is the answer to all ills. Yet, in the South, science has its drawbacks of high cost, delayed applications, small success rate, low understanding or popularity, and limited utility.

 Nevertheless, how do Christians in science address the biblical admonition of "loving our neighbors as ourselves"? If developing countries in the South can benefit from scientific and technological development, what is the Christian's role?

 Should one impose western ways and thinking into that culture or seek humanitarian ways of benefiting such people? 

Should the Christian in science equate "science and technology transfer" as a "cup of water" to be given in Jesus' name? 

Or, as in western thinking, does everything have to be a "win-win" situation?"

Ken Dormer
George Kinoti

Science &Technology Ministry


The opportunity for Christian service for those with backgrounds in science related fields has greatly expanded in recent decades. Traditionally, physicians, dentists and nurses have served in many capacities both on a short term or career basis. The "tent maker" has used his or her skills to enter areas where traditional missions are forbidden. Others have served in educational institutions. More recently, a number of organizations have emerged which seek to minister in non-traditional ways.

We offer this page in the hope that readers of any age or station in life might be made aware of opportunities for service that call on their backgrounds in science and technology. We encourage you to tell us of additional organizations or ways in which people may serve. (jwh)

Two Examples


How coconuts can combat poverty

By Thomas Burnett, on March 8th, 2011   God and Nature Series

Walter Bradley with Indonesian coconut farmers

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, a premier professional organization, has a motto of  “Advancing science, serving society.”  Walter Bradley, a Baylor University professor and ASA fellow, has realized this goal in a striking way—with coconuts.

Until recently, coconut husks have been discarded as agricultural waste, but Walter’s research team discovered their unique value.  The husk fibers (called coir) exhibit physical properties suitable for numerous industrial applications.  According to Walter, “They are the only natural fibers that come directly from a fruit.  Their purpose in nature is to protect coconuts from falls of 60 to 80 feet.  They provide high impact resistance because they are unusually stretchable—their ductility is ~25%, compared to 2% in most natural fibers.  ...Full Story

The Environment and Poverty in Haiti

HaitiThis picture illustrates the extreme deforestation of Haiti. You can literally see the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic from space. How and why did this happen and what are its effects? Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the World with only 2% forrestation. The reason why it’s that way is because the trees have been cut down for fuel and specifically to make charcoal because it’s one of the few commodities that can be sold to get the essentials of life. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. full story

Kenneth J. Dormer and George Kinoti, "Science and Development in Developing Countries," offer a sobering analysis of the challenge to Christians for service in undeveloped countries.

Ken Funk, "Thinking Critically and Christianly About Technology," PSCF 59 (September 2007): 201.

To think critically and Christianly about technology is to engage in a process of careful judgment and evaluation of it using Christian principles. The principles proposed here are that technology ought to facilitate (1) communion with God, (2) preservation of human life and improvement of human welfare, and (3) preservation and protection of the natural world.

Kenell J. Touryan, Water–The Defining Crisis for the Developing World | Audio |  A presentation at the ASA/CIS Meeting, Edinburgh 2007. 30 min.

Harmon Parker and William Jordan, "Building Pedestrian Bridges to a Better Future: Bridging the Gap—Africa"  Audio | A presentation at the ASA/CIS Meeting, Edinburgh 2007. 24 min.

Some of the many organizations


A Rocha
:  Christians in Conservation

A RochaThe American home of an  international conservation organization working to show God's love for all creation. As an international Christian conservation organization working in 20 countries on six continents to care for God's creation, A Rocha has many faces. Here in the United States, we are a nonprofit, nationwide network mobilizing communities to steward the Earth through educational programs and hands-on projects--helping to restore the environment upon which people, plants and animals all depend. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

.Plant With a Purpose

Trees Please. Fight Poverty, Plant Trees.Plant With a Purpose was originally developed to meet the environmental, economic and spiritual needs of the rural people of the Dominican Republic.

For us, the breakthrough came when we saw first-hand the connection between poverty and the environment. Many people think of poverty and the environment as separate issues, but in fact they are hugely interdependent. Most of the world’s poor are rural poor. Many are subsistence farmers, completely dependent on their environment for survival. But as a result of widespread deforestation, the land isn’t providing like it used to.

Land that once bore bountiful crops that could be sold or eaten, isn't producing. Streams that used to provide water to drink, now run dry. Out of desperation, the poor cut down more trees to sell as firewood, even though doing so means further destroying their one chance of survival.

By reversing deforestation, Plant With Purpose helps the poor restore productivity to their land to create economic opportunity out of environmental restoration. Since 1984 we have helped thousands of people in nearly 250 villages lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic approach to sustainable development.

EchoECHO Founded by ASA fellow, Dr. Martin Price is a non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to the fight against world hunger. ECHO's Internet resources are designed not only to tell you about our organization, but also to access our resources and services for small farm tropical agriculture from around the globe. Our most popular publications are on-line here for quick access at any time.  Our primary mandate is to strengthen the ministries of missionaries and national churches as they assist small farmers or urban gardeners in the third world. We gladly offer assistance to others doing similar work, such as Peace Corps volunteers and development workers.

Hope Seeds

"Seeds, sustainable agriculture, helping people feed themselves, seed-saving, community involvement, holistic ministry…These are the words that can be used to describe Hope Seeds. However, they are incomplete descriptions. First and foremost, Hope Seeds is a Christian organization, motivated to do these works because of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. The people active in the operations of Hope Seeds work hard to provide the many services mentioned  in the first sentence, partnering with missionaries, mission teams, relief agencies, and national self-help groups in many developing nations."
Mike Mueller - CEO and founder
Dr. George W. Crosby - board member, ASA member.


  Science with a Mission, Inc.

Science with a Mission, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing diagnostics for developing countries. In these countries, many people never see the inside of a hospital or clinic. As a result, people often die from preventable diseases due to not being diagnosed. Science with a Mission, Inc. is using a technology, called immunoassays, to test for diseases. There are many advantages to immunoassays. They can be designed to not require electricity or any equipment; they give results rapidly; and they are amenable to mass screenings. Combining scientific knowledge with Christian compassion we strive to meet the medical needs of God's people worldwide.


Christian Leadership Ministries

The vision of Christian Leadership Ministries:

  • REACH: Our objective is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to professors and other scholars.
    • EQUIP: In order to disciple and mentor Christian professors in their personal ministry, we design and develop specialized strategies, resources, and training. In addition, we encourage and assist them as they work to integrate their faith with their academic discipline.
    • PROFESSORS: Because our portion of the harvest field is the universities of the world, we work as partners with professors and other members of the permanent academic community to impact higher education.
    • CHANGE THE WORLD FOR CHRIST: In partnership with professors, we build spiritual leaders, help them continually saturate the campus with the gospel, and fully integrate their faith into their academic discipline and culture. This partnership will change the way decision makers around the world think by giving them a biblical perspective on relevant topics that are at issue on campuses and in the culture.

    Daystar University                                                 Video 5 Min

    Daystar draws students from over 20 African countries. It is growing by over 100 students a year with over 1,000 students presently enrolled. The new, 300-acre campus is developing nicely. It has recently been accredited by the Kenyan government and grants degrees recognized by Wheaton and Messiah Colleges

    IICS places Christian faculty from a wide range of disciplines in teaching positions at secular universities outside North America and the UK.  We also establish Departments of Christian Studies, provide library collections, sponsor business and teacher training seminars and provide curriculum consultation. The IICS vision is that someday every university student in the world will have at least one instructor who will articulate and demonstrate the love and lordship of Jesus Christ for them.


    Engineering Missions International

    Emi logoEngineering Ministries International (EMI) is a non-profit Christian development organization made up of architects, engineers and design professionals who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope.

    CES LogoChristian Engineering Society CES Christian Engineers are engineers who are also Christians. Our faith helps inform the choices we make as engineers, particularly questions related to purpose and priorities. We find God's calling in our lives in all its aspects, personal and professional. We are interested in applying Biblical principles such as justice and stewardship to our professional lives and to the design of technology.  CES


    Center for Environmental Leadership


    Inspiring, connecting, and equipping for today's issues, Renewal is an excellent resource for college students interested in engaging these topics. Check them out here!



    CEL's inaugural symposium was a huge success!  
    Read a report on the outcomes.


    CEL is helping to train future generations of environmental leaders through the Creation Care Study Program, an undergraduate environmental study abroad program with campuses in Belize and New Zealand.



    CEL will be hosting a symposium on the built environment in the summer of 2012!  Watch this space for forthcoming details.




    Care of Creation 

    A Christian environmental organization, seeking to awaken and mobilize the Church to care for God's creation in the face of an environmental crisis that is already devastating vast areas of the world. We are also a missions organization. We believe that environmental problems are sin problems, and we are convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ is the world's best hope for dealing with this crisis. Simply stated, we believe that missions and care for God's creation belong together.

    Green Chemistry 

    GreenChemLogo A secular movement worthy of consideration by Christians who want to make a difference.


    Lifewater International

    A Christian non-profit organization of people who are bound together by a common desire to ensure that people everywhere have access to adequate supplies of safe water. Lifewater provides local communities with training, equipment and technical support to effectively meet their water needs.

    Target Earth

    Target Earth is a moment of Christians who actively pursue the care of creation.  Target Earth administers six core programs: retreats, short-term mission opportunities in 14 countries; a program to hold rain forest in trust called the Eden Conservancy; an academic program on global stewardship; an environmental research center, Jaguar Creek, which focuses on the rainforest and human need; and the Amazon Conservation Awareness program which deals with the needs of Brazilian indigenous groups. Target earth has a network of 54 "action groups" nationwide.


    SIL International

    Click to see a larger image of The Challenge of Bible Translation by Glen G. Scorgie, Mark L. Strauss, Steven M. VothThe purpose of SIL International (also known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) is to work with language communities worldwide to facilitate language-based development through research, translation, and literacy. This site is intended to serve those who share our interests and goals as expressed in Ben Elison's linguistic creed.

    United Bible Society

    The United Bible Societies, a World Fellowship of Bible Societies, is committed to the

    • translation,
    • publication
    • and distribution of the Bible worldwide

    Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Today, the Summer Institute of Linguistics and Wycliffe Bible Translators work together to translate Scripture, train field personnel in linguistics and promote interest in translation.

    Medical and Dental

    CMDS    Christian Medical & Dental Society

    The mission of Global Health Outreach is to provide opportunities for CMDS members, their families and associates to serve Christ, to share Christ and to grow in Christ. This translates into the three-fold purpose of ministering physically and spiritually to needy people, and ministering to the spiritual needs of our teams. By being the "hands of Jesus" to needy people, we seek to fulfill His Great Commandment (Matthew 22:39; 25:36) and His Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

    CURE CURE International

    CURE International establishes and operates teaching hospitals in the developing world for the medical and spiritual healing of disabled children and their families.  

    See Also:    Locational Mission Opportunities : mission finder.orgocational Mission Opportunities : mission

    Global MappingGlobal Mapping International

    GMI is a Christian inter-denominational missionary research agency. Our highest priority is serving evangelical mission ministry leaders in the developing world.


    InterChristoLogoIntercristo is a Christian job-referral service. We match Christians with jobs in Christian non-profit organizations, based upon their expertise, education, geographic preference, and compensation.



     The aiim of Interserve is to proclaim in word and deed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. As an international fellowship committed to serving the Christian Church, we wish to contribute directly or indirectly to the making of disciples of Jesus Christ, particularly in countries of south and central Asia, the Gulf, Middle East, and North Africa, and in other countries where there are significant groups of migrants from these countries. We invite men and women of all races who sense God's call to join us in showing God's love and in communicating the Gospel.

    JAARS Partners in Bible Translation

    Through partnerships worldwide, JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people.

    Mission Aviation Fellowship MAF logp

    MAF PNG Twin Otter at Kafa, Papua New Guinea

    Mission Aviation Fellowship is privileged to provide aviation and technology services to more than 300 Christian and humanitarian organizations worldwide. The generous, heartfelt support of our partners works through these organizations to touch countless lives for Christ and His Kingdom... every day.

    Missions Index Classified directories of Christian mission opportunities.

    Operation WorldOperation World

    The primary purpose of Operation World is to pray for world missions. Our task is provide information to further this purpose.


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