Educational Resources in
this ed-website, to
improve the effectiveness of your own teaching
or help you educate other teachers for the future.

This page supplements the resources-and-tips you'll find in the
Sitemap for Whole-Person Education which says, "You want ideas
that will help you in general [these ideas are in the sitemap-page]
and also in a specific area you're teaching,"
as in this page and
in the analogous resource-pages for other areas.

We can think about two ways (direct and indirect) to make education more effective:

1. DIRECT — by improving the effectiveness of the education YOU provide with your own teaching.  This is a goal for all teachers, and you can see starting points for exploring our website (to find what's available) in the "effective education" part of the SITEMAP:

Effective Education
Thinking Skills combine Creative Thinking & Critical Thinking in Problem-Solving Methods.
Effective Education requires Learning Skills plus Teaching Strategies and Teaching Activities.
School Options include Private Schools & Home Schools (with resources to help when you ask "whether" and "how") & Public Schools (Religion in Public Education examines relationships between worldviews and education).

But if the goal is Whole-Person Education for Science and Faith, the Science and Theology parts are also relevant, and so are the Tips for Teachers, and you can see these by visiting the sitemap.

2. INDIRECT — by improving the effectiveness of "teaching other teachers" in Teacher Education, as in the Wheaton College goal of Preparing Teachers as Agents of Change.  Currently we don't have many resources about educating teachers (by mid-2009 this may change) although much of the information above will be helpful.

Science-and-Religion for Understanding & Personal Faith may be useful for teachers (and their students) in all areas,

and a SITEMAP will help you explore the website for Whole-Person Education (with resources for Effective Education and Science-Theology Interactions, using a Multiple-Views Approach) and other parts of the ASA Website, plus TIPS FOR TEACHERS.

You're an expert in your areas, so...
if you want to help us improve our website — for example, if you have suggestions to make it better, or you've discovered a great web-resource and you tell us about it so we can share it with others — your assistance will be greatly appreciated.   How can you help?


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Here are tips-pages (to supplement
the SITEMAP described above) with
educational resources for teachers of
Biology, Chemistry, Physics plus Astronomy, Geology
  eclectic interdisciplinary studies (Environmental, Historical, etc) 
 Psychology, Sociology, History, and other Social Sciences     Education 
Mathematics and Computer Science     Engineering and Design
Science in Arts and Sports     Philosophy and Theology

plus useful ideas for teachers and students in all fields,
Science-and-Religion for Understanding and Personal Faith

This page, written by Craig Rusbult (editor of education website), is