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Abstracts for the ASA Annual Meeting 2017 Colorado School of Mines Abstracts       Slides  7/2017
Climate Change, Climate Engineering, and the Global Hydrologic Cycle Ackerman, Thomas     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Bringing Light, Not Heat: New and Forthcoming BioLogos Resources Applegate, Kathryn     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Extinguishing the Three-Stone Fire Arveson, Paul     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Scientific Explanations Are Purposefully Limited to Natural Causes Bishop, Robert C.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Quality, Reliability, Safety, and Economics: The Role of Nondestructive Evaluation for Energy Systems in Creation Care and Sustainability Bond, Leonard J.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Water and the Sustainable Development Goals: Water Availability, Pollution, and Ecosystem Health as We Look toward 2030 Boorse, Dorothy     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Fine Tuning of the Universe: Evidence for the Existence of God Bradley, Walter L.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
How Different Philosophies of Science Affect Your Faith and Worldview Buchholz, Jim     Audio    7/2017
History of Geology: Past Faith and Science Informing the Present Campbell, David     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Balancing Economics with Ethics to Save God's Creation Carr, Paul H.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Genesis Flood: Discussing a Global Deluge from a Water Engineering Perspective Crick, Justin     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Natural and Revealed Theology’s Impact on One’s View of God and Nature Davis, Jimmy     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Why the Identity of Noah Is Important for the Origins Debate Dickin, Alan     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Ideas for Fortifying Biological Education Dilley, Stephen     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Does the Second Law of Thermodynamics Contradict the Theory of Evolution? Everest, Michael A.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Conjunctio of Physis and Psyche: The Personal Struggle of Wolfgang Pauli with Modern Physics and Modern Psychology as Impetus and/or Model for Integration of Science and Faith Faries, Dillard     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Genesis 5 Patriarchs and the Sumerian King List: Is There a Commonality? Fischer, Dick     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism, Response Inhibition, Auditory Attention, and Emotional Variations: An Investigation of the Link between Behaviors and Genotypic Polymorphism Freeman, N. & Graber, J.R., Perkins, J.N., Rudkin, R. L., Parker, M. A.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Teleological Biochemistry of Evolution Garte, Sy     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Back to the Future on the Back of an Envelope Gray, Terry M.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Projects to Promote the Effective Bonding of Science and Christian Faith Greenberg, Jeffrey K.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Ethical and Stewardship Considerations in Aquaculture Hall, Steven     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Creation as Invitation: How Nature Complements Scripture in Calling Us Back to Our Maker Halsmer, Dominic & Riegert, Philip, Hardin, Jeff     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Climate Change: Fact, Fiction, and Faith Hayhoe, Katharine   Video Audio    7/2017
Communicating about Science with Christian Communities Hayhoe, Katharine & Wickman, Leslie & Moshier, Stephen     Audio    7/2017
The Ecological Virtues of Bill Mason Heintzman, Paul     Audio  Slides  7/2017
A Place for Striving and "Agency" in Evolutionary Theory? Herrington, Emily R.     Audio    7/2017
The Implications of Relativity upon Our Understanding of Genesis One and the Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis Hiett, Peter     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Daddy Love Hiett, Peter   Video Audio    7/2017
Paradox in Christian Faith: Simplicity and Complexity, with Insights from Theology and Modern Physics Hine, Jason N. & Carlson, Richard F.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Nature Mentor Momentum Hogan, Kate     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Perspectives of Science among Asian Americans and Applicable Implications to Reaching the Broader Younger Generations for Christ Hong, HanSung     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Relevance of Undergraduate Education and Climate Change Issues Huang, Louise Ko & Yu, Chong Ho     Audio    7/2017
Revisiting Pollution and Property Rights: A Christian Libertarian Perspective Hubner, Jamin     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Ultimate Purpose of Stewardship: "The Earth Is the Lord's and Everything in It" Psalm 24:1 Huffey, Stephen     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Technical and Spiritual Challenges of Sustainable Energy Hutchinson, Ian   Video Audio  Slides  7/2017
Planetary Science and "Aiming for Heaven" James, Peter B.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Science, Ethics, and God's Will: Approaches to Medical Technology Jones, D. Gareth     Audio  Slides  7/2017
A Christian Approach to Sustainable Engineering Jordan, William     Audio  Slides  7/2017
An Overview of Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes! Lamoureux, Denis O.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Eschatological Visions and Climate Change Decisions Larrabee, David A.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Promise of Theocentric Environmental Ethics Lewis, Raymond J.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Relationships among Evangelical College Students' Worldviews and Their Knowledge, Beliefs, and Acceptance of Anthropogenic Climate Change Light, Joel D.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Flourishing in a Science Career Lin, Johnny Wei-Bing & Braide-Moncoeur, Otonye & Lewis, Josiah     Audio    7/2017
Determining the Content of Excellent Creation Care and the Need for a Center for Environmental Stewardship and Dialogue Lin, Johnny Wei-Bing     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Monday Morning Devotions Lin, Johnny Wei-Bing   Video Audio  Slides  7/2017
Dispensationalism and the Alternative Ethics of Revelation Mallary, Mitchell     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Extended Evolutionary Synthesis as Replacement of Neo-Darwinism Marshall, Perry     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Why Haven't You Installed a Solar Array Yet? Miller, Ruth Douglas     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Salt Range, Pakistan---Still Unsolved? Munday, John C.        
Cosmological Presuppositions Murphy, George L.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Engaging Students in Science and Faith through Study Abroad Neiwert, Wade A.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The End of an Era? The Data Deluge and the Scientific Method: A Case Study in Medicine Oakley, D. S.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Linking Citizens to Science in the Interest of Faith Oleskiewicz, Dana     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Communicating with Secular Peers about Faith and Science Orner, Kevin & Reyes, Ciara, Kim, Se & Lamoureux, Denis     Audio    7/2017
Environmental Stewardship through Recovering Resources from Wastewater Orner, Kevin & Cools, C., Mihelcic, J. R., Cunn, J.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Summary of US Air Force Academy Unmanned Aviation Research Osteroos, Ryan K.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Propellant Fracturing of Vertical and Horizontal Wells Passamanek, Richard     Audio  Slides  7/2017
CRISPR Cas9 and Changing Human Nature: The National Academy of Sciences Report and a Christian Response Peterson, James C.   Video Audio    7/2017
The Human Microbiome: Medical, Philosophical, and Theological Complexity Pohl, John     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Modernizing the Electric Grid: Why and How? Pratt, Annabelle   Video  Audio  Slides  7/2017
A Quick Overview of Practical, Low-Cost Options for Helping Rural Poor in Developing Countries Price, Martin     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Conducting Meaningful Conversations in Faith and Science Rogero, Walter     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Habitability for Redemption Ross, Hugh     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Practical Evolution: Harnessing Variation and Selection in Rational Drug Discovery Rylaarsdam, Robin Pals     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Saturday Morning Devotions Shepherd, Deb   Video     7/2017
Human Life: Accident or Inevitable? Siegrist, David     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Quantum Field Theory, Personhood, and the Trinity: Echoes and Resonances Sikkema, Arnold E.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Stewardship and Integrated Pest Management in a Commercial Nursery in Canada Sikkema, Valerie C.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Science, Mission, and Flourishing Swamidass, S. Joshua     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Recent Common Ancestry of All Humanity about 6,000 Years Ago Swamidass, S. Joshua     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Science Literacy for the Church Swearengen, Jack C.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Veracity Claims Assessment by Christian College Students Tenneson, Michael     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Current and Future Approaches to Brain-Computer Interface Technology Touryan, Jonathan     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Hydrogen Economy: Food and Energy Turner, John A.     Audio    7/2017
Alternative Medicine and the Failure of Protestant Christianity Warren, E. Janet     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Does Science Lead One to Atheism? Weichselbaum, Hans     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Industry vs. the Planet: A Christian Perspective on Reconciling Environmental Stewardship with Industrial Advancement Whelan, Michael     Audio  Slides  7/2017
State of the ASA Wickman, Leslie & Moshier, Stephen & Best, Vicki   Video Audio  Slides  7/2017
Why Should We Expect to Find Life on Mars? Wiens, Roger     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Transhumanism-Christianity Diplomacy: To Transform Science-Religion Relations Winyard, David C., Sr.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
800 Carbon-14 Measurements in Lake Suigetsu, Japan: An Opportunity to Directly Test the Young Earth Model Wolgemuth, Ken & Davidson, Gregg     Audio  Slides  7/2017
The Necessity of Death Wood, John R.     Audio  Slides  7/2017
Now and Then Yancey, Philip        

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