Thinking Skills in Education:

Combining Creativity with Critical Thinking

in Design Method and Scientific Method, for

Problem Solving in a Goal-Directed Curriculum

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Ideas for Education

  Introduction to Design Method  
 Overview of Design Method 
 Details of Design Method 

 Design  &  Science 
  Is there a "method" ?  

  Introduction to Scientific Method  
 Overview of Scientific Method 
 Details of Scientific Method 

  Personal Motivations and Strategies for Learning  
  Curriculum Design for Thinking Skills Education  
  Four Frameworks for Thinking Skills Education  

  Aesop's Activities for Goal-Directed Education  
  Teaching Scientific Methods in Science Labs  
  Combining Creativity and Critical Thinking  

Many ideas in the pages above are an extension of my PhD dissertation which is
a unifying synthesis of ideas (mainly from scientists and philosophers, but also from
sociologists, psychologists, historians, and myself) into a model of scientific method, and
an application of this model for the integrative analysis of a creative science-inquiry classroom.

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