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Origins Education
(about age and evolution)

      OVERSIMPLIFICATION:  When we look at informal "origins education" in popular media — in documentaries, radio features, TV shows, movies, newspapers, magazines, novels, websites, and elsewhere — unfortunately we often see only two views represented:  young-earth creationism (as THE Christian View) and old-earth evolution (as THE atheist view).  What is missing?  We don't see the perspective of Christians who think "evolution and Christianity" might be the answer, if God used evolution as his method of creation.  And other Christians think that, based on science, the creation process wasn't 100% natural, but that if God did create in this way it would be theologically satisfactory and it could be compatible with traditional Bible-based Christian theology.
      CONFLICT:  The two-model view is framed as a "religion versus science" battle — "in this corner we have the Christians with Genesis 1, and in the other corner are the atheists with science" — and science is the noble hero being opposed by simple-minded religious bigots.  A two-model view is encouraged by both extremes, by young-earth creationists and by pro-evolution opponents of Christian faith.  It's often used by entertainment media because it's entertaining!  It is DRAMATIC with the simplistic "good guys & bad guys, heroes & villains" appeal of melodrama, and sometimes it is also motivated by the agendas (philosophical, religious, or political) of individuals or institutions.

These ideas are discussed elsewhere in the area for Origins Questions, in TWO BOOKS OF GOD (re: "warfare" between religion and science), ORIGINS EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS (re: educational freedom plus scientific integrity, religious nutrality, and the responsibility of teachers), AGE OF THE EARTH — THEOLOGY (about young-earth creationists who insist on a two-model approach where their view is the only Christian view), METHODS OF CREATION (with views ranging from evolutionary long-term gradual creation to young-earth instantaneous creation) and INTELLIGENT DESIGN IN SCIENCE where we ask "Why are so many (with differing views!) so confident?"

The editor, Craig Rusbult, urges appropriate humility by asking "What can Christians believe about evolution?"

I.O.U. — Later, maybe by mid-October 2010, this page will have more content, with examples of Informal Origins Education — covering a wide range of time from before the Scopes Trial (plus Inherit the Wind,...) to the Dover Trial and beyond — plus commentaries from different perspectives.

In this page you'll find links to resource-pages expressing a wide range of views, which don't necessarily represent the views of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Therefore, linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by the ASA.  We encourage you to use your own critical thinking to evaluate everything you read.

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