An ASA "Origins Questions" Website
( a big-picture overview of what is available and how to find it )

Our website offers a condensed essence of important ideas, for a quick education on two levels:
introductions — for a coherent overview to help you understand ideas and their relationships,
exploration — to help you explore more deeply, we'll provide links to pages with more depth.

Overviews are in the homepages for ORIGINS QUESTIONS and its
three areas:   Views of Creation   Origins Evidence   Origins Education

      A Religious Perspective
      ASA is a Christian organization, and our perspectives — on faith, science, and their interactions — can be useful for public school teachers who want to minimize controversy (about their treatment of religion) while still providing educational information for their students, or for teachers in a private school or home school.
      A teacher (in K-12 or college) who wants to use our religious perspective could: 
      • use the website to get a better understanding of complex issues, then decide how to use this knowledge for teaching, or
      • tell students about the website and say "here is something you may (or may not) want to explore on your own," or
      • find appropriate web-pages that fulfill a specific educational function, and assign these for students to read.

Two Views of the Website Structure
The structure of this website for Origins Questions can be viewed in two ways, as shown below:
the columns show three perspectives:  theological (purple), scientific (green), educational (blue).
the rows show three questions:   When we disagree?   How old is the earth?   Was it all-natural?

• What should we do
   when we disagree?
Understanding and Respect
  Theology + Science in Edu  
  3 Questions and 3 Views  
  The Two Books of God
  The Two Books of God
1. How old is the
   earth & universe? 
  Age of Earth: Theology     Age of Earth: Science   Theology + Science in Edu
2. Was the creation
   process all-natural? 
  Methods of Creation   Design of the Universe 
  Evaluation of Evolutions  
  Theology + Science in Edu
Can a theory of intelligent design be scientific?
  ( + philosophy of science )  

This table shows theology and science as two perspectives, but they are mutually interactive with each influencing the other.  For whole-person education, the perspectives of theology and science should be combined — at least in a teacher's holistic understanding of the issues — as indicated by "Theology + Science in Edu."  But in a particular educational context, a teacher may want to emphasize one perspective more than the other.

The SITEMAP shows a "three perspectives" view (as in the columns) and
this page, in tables below, has a "three questions" view (as in the rows).

 This page is an overview-without-explanations that lets you quickly SEE what's available. 
 Another page is like this page but larger, since it's an overview-with-explanations that
 will help you UNDERSTAND what's in each area and why you may want to explore it.

 The sitemap-overview below has four parts:
 •  What should we do when we disagree? 
 1. How old is the earth and universe?
 2. Was the process all-natural?


• What should we do
   when we disagree?

 Understanding and Respect 
 Three Christian Views of Creation 
        Similarities and Differences
        ASA-Views and OverViews
 Interpreting the Two Books of God 
        science & religion in conflict? 
        What are their relationships?
        How should we use the books? 
        Is historical science reliable?
        apologetics & natural theology
 1. How old is the Earth and Universe?

 Age of the Earth — Theology 
 Is a Young Earth in The Gospel? 
 Interpretations of Genesis 1
 Animal Death and Human Sin
 Adam and Eve in History
 The Flood (theology & science)
 False Appearance of Old Age?

 Age of the Earth — Science 
 Historical Science: Is it reliable? 
 Overviews of Age-Science
 Geological Evolution
 The Flood (theology & science) 
 Radiometric Dating
 Astronomical Evolution

 2. Was the process of creation totally natural?

 Methods of Creation — Theology 
 Views of the Creation Process: 
        Natural Creation and/or
        Miraculous Creation
 The Origin of Humans
 God of the Gaps

 Evaluating Evolution — Science 
 An Overview of the Evolutions 
 Entropy versus Evolution?
 Astronomical Evolution
 Geological Evolution
 Chemical Evolution
 Biological Evolution

Can a design theory be scientific?
 What is a theory of intelligent design? 
The Big Tent of Intelligent Design
Scientific Support for Design?
What is and isn't science?
Methodological Naturalism




     Freedom & Responsibility 
     Constitutional Legality
     Methods of Teaching
     Educational Policies
     Young-Earth Creation
     In the Church 
     Private Schools
     Home Schools

  A Guide for Teachers shows you "where to look" in this website for Origins Questions.


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