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I.O.U. — Soon (maybe by mid-October 2010) this page will have more content and fewer loose ends.
It will describe (and link to) pages about the flood — asking "was it local or global?" plus other questions — and will include both THEOLOGY & SCIENCE.  Some content will be imported from the homepages for AGE OF THE EARTH: THEOLOGY and AGE OF THE EARTH: SCIENCE but most will be selected from the "potential resource" page for NOAH'S FLOOD.

• The text of Genesis 6:5-9:19, in The text of Genesis 6:5-9:19 and with 'erets' translated as land instead of earth.
Outline of the Genesis Flood Chapters by Hugh Ross

What does 'erets' mean?  ( Should it be translated as earth or land? )
This question is the focus in the following pages, and is also discussed in the "more general" sections below that argue for a Local Flood or Global Flood.
Local or Global Flood? by Ross Taylor
Noah's Flood: Global or Local? by Donald Hochner

Old-Earth Claims (the flood was LOCAL) based on Interpretation of Genesis
The Genesis Flood: Why the Bible Says It Must be Local by Rich Deem  (30k main + 34k notes)

Young-Earth Claim (the flood was GLOBAL) based on Interpretation of Genesis
• resources will be here

Location of the Flood

Where Was the Flood of Noah? by Greg Neyman, an overview of proposals  (16k)

The Entire World (global flood)

Mesopotamian Plain (local flood)

Mediterranean Basin (local flood)
• Glenn Morton thinks the flood of Genesis 6-8 was a Mediterranean Flood, as described in his book, Foundation, Fall and Flood: A Harmonization of Genesis and Scienceoutline (by Glenn Morton, 5k) and review (by Bill Hamilton, 6k) — and a paper (The Mediterranean Flood, 55k) in the journal of ASA, which was followed by a response from William Tanner and counter-response by Glenn Morton.
• The Med Flood would have occurred 5.5 million years ago, so... what are the implications for Human Evolution and Adam & Eve?
• Glenn Morton criticizes other proposed scenarios: Why The Flood Can't Be Global & Why The Flood Can't Be in Mesopotamia & Why The Flood Can't Be in the Black Sea.

Black Sea Basin (local flood)
• Criticism from Young-Earth Creationists:  Noah’s Flood at Black Sea? by Answers in Genesis, Evidence for The Flood in the Black Sea? by John Morris (3k), Overview-Conclusion (Black Sea Flood Evaporates) by Tas Walker (10k), and Is the Black Sea Flood the Flood of Genesis? by Carl Froede (17k).
• Criticism from Old-Earth Creationists:  Why The Flood Can't Be in the Black Sea by Glenn Morton,

and brief comments by Greg Neyman.


Walker - overview (in 2000) and followup (2002) & and from late-2002 [re: conclusions by OE scientists in 2000] &

Froede -


Sarigianis (+ Ross) - Noah’s Flood: A Bird’s-Eye View

pscf • Blodgett - Results of a Survey of Archaeologists on the Biblical Flood

Fischer - local or global?
Fischer - Noah & Family
Fischer - humans after flood

pscf • Carol Hill — an outline/overview in 2007, re: the Genesis 1 Framework, Adam, Noah's Flood, and Patriarchal Ages — A Third Alternative to Concordism and Divine Accommodation: The Worldview Approach,
pscf • C.Hill - A Time and a Place for Noah
Morton - [response]
pscf • C.Hill - The Noachian Flood: Universal or Local?
Blodgett [response]
Hill [counter-response]

pscf • C.Hill - Qualitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood by Carol Hill -
C.Hill [correction]
pscf • A.Hill - Quantitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood -
GM - Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Drews - [flood miracles]
McKellips - [scope (after ark-details) - mars??]
McKellips - [Turkey 9600-BC & Mars causing flood??] &




Here are some leftovers, originally in the homepage for age-science, about two of the many topic-sections:

Fossil-Patterns in Biogeographical Context
What would happen during and after a global flood?  Are these things consistent with the evidence? (Could a global flood produce what we observe?)  Many such questions are discussed above and below, but some (that don't fit into other categories) will be in this section.

Current Biogeographical Patterns
Also, how did the current biogeography patterns (such as marsupials in Australia but nowhere else, and so on) arise after the flood?  /  There will also be a page about the ark, re: how big it would have to be, whether it would be seaworthy in a global flood, what would be required for 8 people to run it, and more.

In this page you'll find links to resource-pages expressing a wide range of views, which don't necessarily represent the views of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Therefore, linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by ASA.  We encourage you to use your own critical thinking to evaluate everything you read. 

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