A Quick Guide for Teachers:
How to use our website for Origins Questions

To quickly see a "big picture" of what is available and how to find it,
so you can explore more efficiently, use our OVERVIEW and SITEMAP.
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The homepage for ORIGINS QUESTIONS explains the educational philosophy of our multi-positions website — "instead of claiming to provide The Origins Answer, we'll explore Origins Questions" — and its goal of "helping you understand a wide range of perspectives about how to interpret the Bible and evaluate scientific evidence.  We hope our ‘multiple positions’ website will promote accurate understanding and respectful attitudes and will be a valuable educational resource for teachers and students, for Christians and non-Christians."

The homepage for ORIGINS EDUCATION summarizes useful principles, and then describes pages about teaching in two contexts, in PUBLIC EDUCATION (this comprehensive page includes many interesting ideas) and CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (with a few ideas now, and more to come later when it's developed more thoroughly).

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