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Geology —
What can it tell us about the age of the earth?

I.O.U. — Later (but probably not until late-2008) this page will have more content, with some imported from "overviews" and "selected topics" in the HOMEPAGE for "AGE OF THE EARTH" SCIENCE but most will be selected from the "potential resource" page for GEOLOGY.

Here are some leftovers that originally were in the homepage for age-science:

Seafloor Spreading & Magnetic Reversals, etc
The Story of Plate Tectonics (7-page teaching series) by Jackie Kious and Bob Tilling for U.S. Geological Service
Magnetic Stripes and Isotopic Clocks by U.S. Geological Service  (4 k) {this needs an intro-page}
rapid reversals of magnetism in lava flows by Andrew Snelling  (6 k)(ye)
need OE-response to Snelling's claim
Interview with John Baumgardner about runaway subduction,...  (11 k)(ye)
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model by Austin, Baumgardner, Humphreys, Snelling, Vardiman, and Wise  (40 K)(ye)
• a response: Runaway Subduction vs Laws of Physics by John Stear (is Part 4 of 4)  (14 k)
I want to get one more OE-critique of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics.
YE debate about Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (set of 6 pages)(ye) by John Baumgardner & Michael Oard

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