Some Suggestions
    When you visit a website with Thoughts on Problem Solving from the U of Michigan, the following information will be useful:
    1. I like the "creative" part of the Critical and Creative Thinking area.
    2. For a PowerPoint presentation that's fun and thought-stimulating, visit the final area, Strategies for Problem Solving, and [but the link is no longer available] click Lecture Slides.  {also: In this area, the page for Book Content provides an overview of their book, then you can fill in the gaps with your imagination.  This book is recommended in a University of Delaware web-page about engineering methods. }
    3. The "[Site]Map and Index" page is useful for some parts of the site, but other parts (that you can reach from their home-page) are missing.
    4. It's rare, but occasionally (as in the examples in the 10 Types of Home Problems area) the authors focus on engineering and assume a technical background you probably don't have.  When this happens, don't get intimidated or bogged down in details, since you can understand the "principles of thinking" even if the applications for engineering are a mystery.

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