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This page has useful information for readers of
prototype-pages in the Origins Questions area of
the ASA website for Whole-Person Science Education.

      The goal of this website is to help you learn quickly by giving you a "condensed essence of important ideas" plus opportunities for exploration, as explained in A Quick Education.
      Quality and Variety:  It's easy to find LOTS of web-pages, but we want to avoid overwhelming you with "too much" so we've been selective about the resource-pages we link to.  Our goal is to provide high-quality pages written by people with differing perspectives, because — as explained in Accurate Understanding and Respectful Attitudes — we want to "give you accurate information about a wide range of positions... by letting representatives of each position express their own views and criticize other views" so you can be well informed while you develop your own perspectives.  Because this is a "multiple positions" website with a wide range of views, our DISCLAIMER is important: "linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by the editor or the ASA."
      Exploring with Freedom:  A LINKS-PAGE describes resource-pages and links to them.  Within a links-page you can explore the resource-pages (by clicking their links) in any order you want.  Although the pages in each section are roughly arranged from introductory (these are shorter, or they give you a "big picture" overview of key ideas) to exploratory (usually longer, or more focused on specific ideas), feel free to "scout" the pages to see what's there, and read them in any order.
      Size:  This is part of the descriptive "scouting report" for each page;  for example, (20 k + 5k) tells you that a page has 20 thousand characters (including letters and spaces) in the main body, plus 5 thousand in an appendix.  If a size is in bold (20 k + 5k) this page is from the journal of ASA, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.
      Links-1:  A non-capitalized link takes you to a resource-page, while a CAPITALIZED LINK takes you to another links-page.
      Links-2:  An italicized link takes you to another location inside the same page.  The non-italicized links (non-capitalized or CAPITALIZED) do one of two things, depending on location:  the page-TOP (the table with 3 columns) and the MAIN BODY have page-adding links that open a new page in a new window, leaving this page open in this window.  But the page-BOTTOM, beginning with the triple bars, has page-replacing links that replace this page with a new page.  For a more complete explanation of links, with illustrations, check the links-page.


In this page you'll find links to resource-pages expressing a wide range of views, which don't necessarily represent the views of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Therefore, linking to a page does not imply an endorsement by the ASA.  We encourage you to use your own critical thinking to evaluate everything you read.

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