Potential Educational Resources for "Age of the Earth & Universe" Science

Part of the educational philosophy of this website is the principle that "to get accurate understanding, we should get the best information and arguments for all sides of an issue. (from Accurate Understanding and Respectful Attitudes)"  Therefore, I searched major origins websites (both young earth and old earth) for pages about age-science, then separated these pages into topic-categories and made pages with POTENTIAL RESOURCES in four areas — FLOOD-pages & GEOLOGY-pages & RADIOMETRIC-pages & ASTRONOMY-pages — that will be evaluated by reviewers so we can select the best possible resources for links-pages such as the HOMEPAGE for AGE-SCIENCE plus "more resources" in the four areas, Noah's Flood & Geology & Radiometric Dating & Astronomy.   If you want to be part of the process — by evaluating pages I've listed, or by suggesting new pages (those you already know, or that you discover using search engines) — please read the reviewer's page.

Here are the topics in each area:

Noah's Flood (theology + science)
Genesis 6-9   theology overview   global or local?   broken promise   when where how   Black Sea Flood   —   post-flood humans   flood stories   Psalm 104   ancient writings   —   building the ark   size of ark   animals on ark   caring for animals   —   post-flood migrations   post-flood evolution   —   searching for ark

Geology (science)
Overviews   Hybrid Geology   Claims & Responses   —   Scientific Methods   —   Carbonates   Coral Reefs   Caves   Stalactites   —   Geological Column   Stratigraphy   OverThrust   Deformation   Unconformities   Seismic Data   Metamorphism   Sandstone & Shale   Igneous-Sedimentary   Clastic Dikes   Layers with Details   Paleosols   Evaporites   Sed-Experiments   Varves   Grand Canyon   Canyon Formation   Fast Canyons   Mt Saint Helens   Volcanic Islands   Volcanos   Basalt Geology   Volcanic Dikes   Granite   —   Gems   Coal   Oil   Niagara Falls   Erosion   Ocean Sediment   Ocean Salt   Helium   —   Noah's Flood   Flood Water   Vapor Canopy   Plate Tectonics   Flood Volcanos   Meteors   Fish & Plants   Ice Age   Ice Cores   —   Tree Rings   Magnetic Field   DNA Dating   Population Growth   —   Fossils Overview   Rapid Rocks   Fossil Forests   Rapid Burials   Polystrate Fossils   Fossil Graveyards   Seashells on Mountains   Grand Canyon Fossils   Small-Fossil Patterns   Patterns in Fossils   Pollen in Old Rocks   Dino-Blood in Old Rocks   Bacteria in Old Salt   DNA in Old Rocks   Dinosaur Footprints   Paluxy Tracks   Human Fossils   Humans & Dinos   Dinosaurs   Living Fossils/Dinos   Dinosaur Extinction   Mammoths

Radiometric Dating (science)
[the topics will be listed here soon]

Astronomy (science)
faraway starlight   c-decay   Humphreys cosmology   apparent age   —   astronomy   Big Bang   red shift   CMB   dark matter   —   galaxy shapes   supernova remnants   star evolution   black holes   faint sun   shrinking sun   solar neutrinos   —   NASA & Joshua   solar system origin   extrasolar planets   planet problems   comets   astronomical cycles   planet magnetism   space dust   water on Mars   earth rotation   moon recession   moon dust   moon craters   moon-misc   —   Big Bang & Theism