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The Science Education Commission of
The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)
      ASA is an organization of scientists — and engineers, and scholars in fields related to science, such as history of science, philosophy of science, and science education — who are Christians.
      The Science Education Commission is one part of the educational mission of ASA, whose members work as individuals and with colleagues to help improve education inside schools (public, private, and home, in K-12 through college) and outside schools in the Christian community and in society as a whole.
      In his Presidential Report for 2000, Jay Hollman described some of the many ministry possibilities and challenged us to invest the time and effort needed to fulfill "the vision of what ASA could be if..."  And at the annual meeting in July 2003, Keith Miller urged us to be good "stewards of knowledge" by wisely using the abilities, experiences, and opportunities given to us by God.

      For several years, the main project of the ASA Science Education Commission has been a website (nine links are at bottom of page) that will help teachers motivate students, improve their knowledge and thinking skills, and provide Christian perspectives on science and nature.  In the future, I'm hoping to expand our range of activities and outreach, as explained in the newsletter and "more realistic approach" below.

Craig Rusbult, Commission Chair

Science Education Newsletter (mailed October 2004) and
A More Realistic Approach to Building a Community. 

Annual Reports of Science Ed Commission: 2003 & 2004

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