Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 32 Number 2    June 1980

How Simple Life Would Be If Only Things Weren't So Complicated! [HTML]          65    Bube, Richard H. Article
A Theological View of Nuclear Energy [HTML]          70    Pollard, William G. Article
Biblical Mandates and the Human Condition [HTML]          74    Martin, Kenneth A. Article
Gems of Wisdom and Wrong Conclusions [HTML]          78    Ehlers, Vernon J. Article
Human Resposibility and Human Liberation [HTML]          79    Case, Robert Article
Nuclear Wastes [HTML]          83    Winchester, Ellen Article
Not An Avoidable Problem [HTML]          88    Pollard, William G. Article
Far Greater Dangers than Nuclear [HTML]          89    Cohen, Bernard L. Article
Benefits of Nuclear Power Outweigh Its Risks [HTML]          92    Irish, Everett R. Article
Nuclear Waste: Beyond Faust and Fate [HTML]          97    Maxey, Margaret N. Article
Nukes or No Nukes? Absolute Thinking in a Relative World [HTML]          102    Willis, David L. Article
Perspective on Energy Technology Choices [HTML]          112    Irish, Everett R. Communication
Sociology and the Christian Student: A Statement of the Problem [HTML]          114    Perkins, Richard Communication
Genes and Grace: A Christian Looks at Sociobiology [HTML]          118    Kauffmann, Duane Communication
Paradigm Shifting and the Apologetics Debate [HTML]          120    Price, Robert M. Communication
Thermal Consequences of a Short Time Scale for Sea-Floor Spreading [HTML]          123    Barnes, Ross O. Letter to the Editor
In Defense of Pure Science [HTML]          125    Williams, Gordon Lee Letter to the Editor
Communication: The Leaven that Holds the Church and the Scientific Community Together [HTML]          126    Neidhardt, W. Jim Letter to the Editor
The Straightest Thinking [HTML]          128    Verbiscar, Anthony J. Letter to the Editor
A Challenge to ASA Members [HTML]          128    Daly, Reginald Letter to the Editor
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