Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


A Challenge to ASA Members
Reginald Daly 
9 Seabird Avenue 
Poulsbo, Washington 98370

From: JASA 32 (June1980): 128

May I respectfully register my protest against the propaganda featuring Dr. Ramm and his book. Twenty years ago, after reading it extensively, I put it in the garbage pail. I refused to put it in the waste basket from which it would be put in the incinerator and given an honorable cremation. However my conscience bothers me a little bit and I think I owe Dr. Ramm an apology for putting his book in the garbage pail.

I tried to get my pastor (Nazarene) to destroy his copy but he refused. Since them I've written and had published Earth's Most Chal lenging Mysteries, in which 1 have marshalled a mass of hard scientific facts against modern geology and its theories. May I gently ask the question. "Why did you not publish a review when it first came out?"

Here's a challenge to A.S.A. members. A copy will be mailed to you on request. You pay nothing. And you don't have to even return the book, or acknowledge receipt of it, if in your opinion it fails to demolish the 'Geologic Column." But if, in your opinion, it effectively refutes the basic principles and theories on which modern geology rests, then you pay $5.95, provided you want to. But you pay nothing; and you keep the book and no bill will ever he sent to you if you decide to pay nothing.