Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


The Straightest Thinking
Anthony J. Verbiscar 
491 Crestvale Drive 
Sierra Madre, California 91034

From: JASA 32 (June1980): 128

I just read your editorial, "The Relationship between Christian Truth and the Natural Sciences," in the June 1979 issue of the Journal ASA. It was excellent and surely the basis for freedom of understanding and thought. I liked it-it is the truth. Your simple definition of truth as "that which conforms to reality" is also very good.

Thomas Merton provided some of his thoughts about truth in the chapter on Sincerity in No Man Is an Island. Here he states, "Truth, in things, is their validity. In our minds, it is the conformity or our knowledge with the things known. In our words, it is the conformity of our words to what we think. In our conduct, it is the conformity of our acts to what we are supposed to be."

Later he states, "Objective truth is a reality that is found both within and outside ourselves, to which our minds can be conformed." and still later, "Truth is the life of our intelligence. '1 he mind does not fully live unless it thinks straight."
Your editorial is the straightest thinking I have seen on the subject for some time. God bless you and your work.