New Frontiers in Planet Care
Chair, John Bryant
John Houghton
The Challenge of Global Warming
| Audio | Manuscript |
Ghillean Prance
Why Should a Christian Care About Biodiversity?
| Audio | Slides (141 MB) |
Bob White
A Biblical Basis for Care for the Environment
| Audio | Manuscript |
Calvin DeWitt
Our Personal Response
| Audio |


Religion and the Rise of Modern Science
Chair: Jason Rampelt
Bioethics I
Chair: Judith Toronchuk
Theology and Modern Science
Chair: Donald Petcher
Appropriate Technology I: Water, Energy and Bridges
Chair: Walter Bradley
Lydia Jaeger
The Creation of Matter and the Modern Sciences
| Audio |
Mark Shelhamer
Continuing Creation in Neuroscience: Implications for Understanding the Creator
| Audio |
John Templeton Baldwin
Category Translation and Langdon B. Gilkey: A Systematic Theological Hermeneutical Method
| Audio |
Kenell J. Touryan
Water–The Defining Crisis for the Developing World
| Audio |
Joseph Spradley
Christian Roots of the Scientific Revolution
| Audio |
David A. Booth
Biological and Cultural Inheritance of the Image of God and of Original Sin
| Audio |
Arie Leegwater
'Giving and Receiving': Charles A.
Coulson's Witness as a Christian Scientist
| Audio |
Paul M. Means and Noelle Means Allison
Bioenergy: The Fuel for All Seasons
| Audio |
Harry Poe
The Reformation and the Rise of Modern Science
| Audio |
William Polk Cheshire
With All Your Mind: Implications of Functional Neuroimaging for Ethics
| Audio |
George L. Murphy
Science-Theology Dialogue and Atonement
| Audio |
Harmon Parker and William Jordan
Building Pedestrian Bridges to a Better Future: Bridging the Gap—Africa
| Audio |


Creation, Fall, and Sabbath
Chair: Edwin Yamauchi
Science and Religion in the Seventeenth Century
Chair: Ted Davis
Environmental Stewardship
Chair: Calvin deWitt
Appropriate Technology
II: Feeding the Poor

Chair: David Vader
Craig A. Boyd
Biblical Goodness and the Perfection Myth: The Importance of the Genesis Narrative in Light of Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives
| Audio |
Larissa Kate Johnson
Redeeming Natural Theology: Science and Religion in the
Seventeenth Century
Les Batty
Nature Conservation in a Changing Environment: Can Creation-care Theology Help us Adapt?
| Audio |
David Unander
Science and Technology for the Developing World: Science Aiding Agriculture--What Approach Works?
| Audio |
Denis O. Lamoureux
The Fall and Natural Evil: Revisiting the Hermeneutics and Historicity of Genesis 3
| Audio |
David J. Tyler
Reading God’s Two Books
Michelle A. Haynes
Creation care--Integrating Missions
and Environmental Stewardship: a Spirit-Centered Perspective
| Audio |
John Hodges
Use and Misuse of Science to Feed and Empower the Poor
| Audio |
David D. Watts
Absolute and Mediate 'Divine Creation' in Cosmological Discussion
| Audio |
Jason M. Rampelt
Mediating Conflicts in Science and Theology: The Example of John Wallis (1616-1703)
David Campbell
Pears Mean Tears: The Plight of the
| Audio |
Robert Sluka
Tsunami Relief and Coastal Fishing Communities: The Science and Appropriate Technology Supporting the Sustainable Use of the Tropical Marine Resources
| Audio |
Hedrick J. Edwards
Biblical Sabbath--Original Paradigm of Bio-History: A Model Critique of Humanistic Naturalism
| Audio |
Prophecy & Geography
Chair: N/A
Uko Zylstra
Agriculture, Nature, Ecology, and Ethics: Being Accountable in God’s Creation
| Audio |

Philosophy of Science
Chair: N/A
Edwin M. Yamauchi
Africa, India, and Russia: Biblical
Donald N. Petcher
Mere Science: Taking the Demarcation Problem Seriously
| Audio |


Alister McGrath
New Frontiers in Science and Faith
| Audio | Slides (12.6 MB) |


New Frontiers with Genes and Evolution
Chair, Andrew Miller
Simon Conway Morris
Does Evolution Have a Deep Structure, and If So,
What Are the Theological Implications?
| Audio |
Jeff Schloss
Evolutionary Accounts of Religion and Altruism -
Explaining vs. Explaining Away
| Audio |
Ernest Lucas
Interpreting Genesis 1-3
| Audio |
Denis Alexander
Darwinian Evolution; the Really Hard Questions
| Audio | Slides (7.6 MB) | Manuscript |


New Frontiers in Neuroscience
Chair: Randy Isaac
Peter Clarke
Free-will and Determinism
| Audio | Slides (3.3 MB) |

Bill Newsome
Recent Developments in Brain and Mind
| Audio |

Nancey Murphy
Cognitive Science and the Evolution of Religion:
A Philosophical and Theological Appraisal
| Audio | Manuscript |


Darwin, Evolution, and God
Chair: Denis Lamoureux
Bioethics II
Chair: Nigel M de S Cameron
Designer Genes? Evolution, Genetics, and Intelligent Design Chair: Jeff Schloss Appropriate Technology III: Involving Science and Engineering Students in Service to the Poor
Chair: Ken Touryan
James R. Hofmann
The Law of Higgledy-piggledy Revisited: Contingency and Supernatural Design
| Audio |
Alun Morinan
Engineering Behavior Through Drugs and Genomics
| Audio |
Stephen L. Reinbold
Evolution: Do the Eyes Have It?
| Audio |
David Vader
Service for Today ... Servant-Leaders for Tomorrow: Practical Strategies for Christian Stewardship in Academic Engagement
| Audio |
Mark A. Kalthoff
Optimistic Evolutionists: The Progressive Science and Religion of Joseph LeConte, Henry Ward Beecher, and Lyman Abbott
| Audio |
Dennis M. Sullivan
Embryonic Stem Cells from Non- Destructive Sources: A Way Out of the Ethical Quagmire?
| Audio |
Craig Rusbult
Appropriate Humility About Evolution
| Audio |
William Oakes
Learning Engineering and Science While Serving the Poor
| Audio |
Daniel K. Brannan
Darwinism and Original Sin: Frederick R. Tennantís Integration of Evolution into Christian Thought in Britain in the Early 1900s
| Audio |
Judith A. Toronchuk and George F.R. Ellis
Morality, Disgust, and Emotional Systems
  Walter Bradley
A Global Poverty Center --Integrating Appropriate Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, and Missions at Baylor University
| Audio |


New Frontiers in Cosmology
John Polkinghorne
Space, Time and Eternity
| Audio |
Joan Centrella
Binary Black Holes and Gravitational Waves:
Opening New Windows onto the Universe
| Audio | Slides (141 MB) | Manuscript |


New Frontiers in Bioethics
Chair, John Bryant
Nigel Cameron
Emerging Technologies and Human Dignity
| Audio |
Gareth Jones
Designers of the Future
| Audio |
Joe Perry
Bio-tech Crops: Where are the Frontiers?
| Audio |

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