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Intelligent Design of the Universe

    This page contains additional web-resources about why the universe is "just right for life," to supplement the resources in INTELLIGENT DESIGN OF THE UNIVERSE.
    These additional resources are good, they're well written with interesting ideas.  But to avoid overwhelming you by putting too much on the main page, choices are necessary.

I.O.U. — Both pages, the homepage and this page (with additional resources), will be developed and evaluated more thoroughly by May 2010.

    In science, especially in physics and cosmology, there are still Open Questions and Unsolved Mysteries.

    Fritz Schaefer provides a biography of Stephen Hawking, and analyzes the science and theology in Hawking's famous book, A Brief History of Time:  Part 1 and Part 2.
    Paul Davies, a non-theist, respectfully discusses Physics and the Mind of God.
    An atheist website,, has 40 links to pages arguing against a design of the universe (before history) and of life (during history).

    The IDEA Center summarizes evidence for a design of the universe including an interesting section about Living Water.
    John Leslie explains the physics and chemistry that allow life, in The Prerequisites of Life in Our Universe.
    Owen Gingerich examines the role of natural theology in our interpretations of astrophysical evidence for design.
    Robert Koons provides a philosophical analysis of design and non-design in the second half of Post-Agnostic Science.  {the first half is similar to his "Do anthropic coincidences require an explanation?" in the main resources}
    William Lane Craig has a one-paragraph description for each of his 20 papers explaining why, based on the origin and design of our universe, there are logical reasons to believe that God exists.

    Guillermo Gonzalez and Hugh Ross question the Copernican Principle, and explain why we may be Home Alone in the Universe.
    David Freedman praises the Copernican Principle (and cosmological speculation) in The Mediocre Universe. [Why is there no link? -- maybe this page has been removed from the internet; I'll check again later]
    Hugh Ross has written many books and web-pages about design and God, including Design and the Anthropic Principle.

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