Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 67 Number 2    June 2015

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Conflict and Collaboration        [PDF] 73 Peterson, James C. Editorial
The Matter of Mathematics   [PDF] 74 Howell, Russell W. Article
A Pranalogical Approach to Faith-Integration with Students [PDF] 89 Phillippy, Douglas C. Article
Integration of Faith and Mathematics from the Perspectives of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness [PDF] 100 Wilson, Jason Article
Cultivating Mathematical Affections: The Influence of Christian Faith on Mathematics Pedagogy [PDF] 111 Wilkerson, Joshua B. Article
Practical Applications of an Integrally Christian Approach to Teaching Mathematics   [PDF] 124 Zonnefeld, Valorie Article
Climate Science Continued   [PDF] 135 Morton, Donald C. Author Exchange
Response to Donald Morton   [PDF] 138 Ackerman, Thomas P. Author Exchange
Book Reviews   [PDF] 143   Book Reviews
If Adam Did Not Exist, Who Else Did Not?   [PDF] 157 Touryan, Ken Letter to the Editor
Response to Touryan   [PDF] 158 Lamoureux, Denis O. Letter to the Editor
Historical Adam?   [PDF] 159 Fischer, Dick Letter to the Editor
Response to Dick Fischer   [PDF] 160 Davidson, Gregg Letter to the Editor

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