Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 57 Number 2    June 2005

When Sickness Comes...and Goes        [PDF]    81    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
The Thrice-Supported Big Bang        [PDF]    82    Phillips, Perry G. Article
The Serial Endosymbiosis Theory: Cellular Origins and Intelligent Design Theory        [PDF]    98    Buratovich, Michael Article
The Untidiness of Integration: John Stapylton Habgood        [PDF]    114    Seybold, Kevin S. Communication
Richard Dawkins and the Infected Mind        [PDF]    120    Carter, Ben M. Communication
Life, the Ultimate Challenge        [PDF]    126    Woodburn, John H. New & Views
Results of a Survey of Archaeologists on the Biblical Flood        [PDF]    128    Blodgett, Arlan New & Views
The World’s Oil Supply Revisited        [PDF]    129    Morton, Glenn New & Views
Challenge of the Tangles: Re-evaluating Concepts of LIfe's Origins        [PDF]    131    Frair, Wayne New & Views
The Relevance of Augustine's View of Creation Re-evaluated        [PDF]    134    Brown, Andrew J.
Energy Conservation: Reflections on the Pitts/Gentry Dialogue [56.4 (2004): 260-284]        [PDF]    165    Shane, Victor Letter to the Editor
Natural History in Seventy Words: A Contribution to the Cosmology Dialogue        [PDF]    166    Goetz, James E. Letter to the Editor
Three Dialogues: A Gentle Connecting Rejoinder,” [56.4 (2004): 275, 286–91, 292–5, 296–8]        [PDF]    166    Trenn, Thaddeus J. Letter to the Editor
Copernicus Clarified        [PDF]    167    Malony, H. Newton Letter to the Editor
Is Carter's Critique Relevant? [57.1 (2005): 309]        [PDF]    167    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
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