Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 28 Number 3    September 1976

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Christianity and Psychology: Some Reflections html 97 Piersma, Harry Article
An Analysis and Critique of Jay Adams' Theory of Counseling html 101 Oakland, James A. & et al. Article
The Evolution of Social Evolution html 110 Heddendorf, Russell Article
The Orthodox Bigot: A Sociological Analysis html 116 Perkins, Richard B. Article
The 'Clockwork Image' Controversy [A Dialog] html 123 Cramer, John A. Article
The 'Clockwork Image' Controversy [A Dialog] html 123 MacKay, Donald M. Article
The Philosophy and Practice of Science html 127 Bube, Richard H. Article
Are You Ready?   html 141 Carruthers, R. T. Letter to the Editor
Enjoyed Articles on UFO's html 141 Scribner, Scott R. Letter to the Editor
Did the Doctor Really Try?   html 141 Blaum, Rudolph P. Letter to the Editor
Paul's Interpretation of Genesis html 141 Sprinkle, Joe M. Communication
Poverty in Understanding Roman Catholics html 141 Hamill, Douglas Letter to the Editor
Journal Has Reported 'Hard' Science html 142 Albert, Jerry Letter to the Editor
Secret in a Cell html 142 Farr, Ruth E. Communication
The Fossil Record and Creation html 143 Krause, David J. Communication
The Gift of Life html 143 Berberian, Dicran A. Letter to the Editor
Objections to van der Ziel html 144 Manoushagian, Berj M. Letter to the Editor
Reply by van der Ziel html 144 van der Ziel, A. Letter to the Editor
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