Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Journal Has Reported "Hard" Science

From: JASA 28 (September 1976): 142.

The attention of reader Frank Vosler, who charges that the Journal is guilty of snide denigrations, etc., (Communications, 27 4, D, 192, 1975) should be directed to some "hard" science reports n previous Journals which answer the attacks of Special creationists on evolution.

Physical scientists, who are not evolutionists, have written that the use of the law of increasing disorder as an argument evolution is invalid. 1,2

Mathematical improbability of evolution based soley on chance mutation rates is an inadequate and oversimplified model for the biological theory. Environmental variations, natural selection, and adaptation are complexities of the evolutionary process not dealt with.3 Chemical evolution was also made more probable by natural selection, environmental variations, concentrating mechanisms, and mineral catalysts, than would be predicted by events, including the transition from non-living to living matter, purely random collisions of energy-activated molecules. All unique share an extremely small probability, and an objection to the occurrence of such events is invalid .4

Reliability of radiocarbon dating (+/700yrs. at most) and effects of variation in earth's magnetic field were reviewed by the method's originator.5 Non-radiometric methods were also reviewed recently.

So called "geological deceptive conformities" have been dealt with.7

Biochemical mechanisms for evolution have been described, but in fairness to reader Vosler it must be admitted that references 4, 6, and 8 appeared in the same issue with his communication, so he couldn't have had the benefit of reading them before he wrote his letter. However, these articles are but a sampling of the "hard" science that has appeared in past issues of the Journal.

Jerry Albert
5202 Cobb Place
San Diego, CA 92117

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