Two Sets of Responses to the Claims and Criticisms of Young-Earth Creationists

A wide variety of questions — about the when and how of origins, the claims & criticisms & defenses of young-earth creationists in many areas of science — are examined in brief, clear responses from Talk Origins (edited by Mark Isaak) and Answers in Creation (edited by Greg Neyman).

Yes, these two lists of questions-and-responses are similar, because Neyman modeled his approach on what Isaak already had done;  it's a variation on the same basic theme, as Neyman acknowledges in the homepage for his list.  Neyman's scientific responses are usually condensed versions of Isaak's (*) so in my pages listing "potential resources for age-science" I link to Neyman's versions first, even though they were written later, so you can get a quick initial overview.  But both versions, by Neyman and Isaak, are brief and clear, consistent with the Cliffs Notes Approach of this website for Whole-Person Education.  If you want to explore more deeply, follow the bottom-of-page links in either version, and visit the appropriate part of Potential Resources for Age-Science.

* Neyman is an evangelical Christian, so — in addition to condensing, rearranging, or supplementing what Isaak has written — occasionally Neyman provides a different religious perspective, and he will have a different view on the "how" questions of evolution and design, when he writes these parts.