Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 58 Number 4    December 2006

How Do You Measure Up?        [PDF]    257    Miller, Roman Editorial
How Old Is It? How Do We Know? A Review of Dating Methods—Part One: Relative Dating, Absolute Dating, and Non-radiometric Dating Methods        [PDF]    259    Young, Davis A. Article
Why Are There So Few Christian Anthropologists? Reflections on the Tensions between Christianity and Anthropology        [PDF]    266    Arnold, Dean E. Article
Chance in the Theology of Leonard Hodgson        [PDF]    284    Woolley, Thomas W. Article
The Ethics of the ANT Proposal to Obtain Embryo-Type Stem Cells        [PDF]    294    Peterson, James C. Article
The American Scientific Affiliation Booklet Controversy        [PDF]    303    Bergman, Jerry Communication
In the Image of God: Exploring Links with Cognitive Psychology        [PDF]    310    Faw, Harold W. Communication
Paradox Confronted: Exploring the Nature of Christ’s Teaching in the Debate on Embryonic Stem Cell Research        [PDF]    315    Webber, Bryant & Fitch, Cynthia Communication
Our Father, on the Rise of Science        [PDF]    319    Hearn, Walter
The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief by Francis Collins        [PDF]    320    Haas, Jr., John W.
Author’s Reply to Two Letters Regarding ‘Prospects for Theistic Science’” (PSCF 58, no. 1 [2006]: 2–15; PSCF 58, no. 3 [2006]: 253–4; and PSCF 58, no. 3 [2006]: 254–5)        [PDF]    333    Clouser, Roy Letter to the Editor
Creationism or Methodological Naturalism: A Response to Finlay. et al.” (PSCF 58, no. 3 [2006]: 236–9)        [PDF]    334    Nelson, Fredric P. Letter to the Editor
Free Will and Incarnation (PSCF 58, no. 2 [2006]: 165)        [PDF]    334    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
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