Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 53 Number 3    September 2001

Pest Purgation for Productive Pasture [HTML] [PDF]    141    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Earthkeeping and the Poor: Assessing the Environmental Sustainability of Development Projects [HTML] [PDF]    142    Spaling, Harry, Zwier, Janelle & Kupp, David Article
In Favor of God-of-the-Gaps Reasoning [HTML] [PDF]    152    Snoke, David Article
Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth? [HTML] [PDF]    159    Schneider, Robert J. Article
The Functions of Introns: From Junk DNA to Designed DNA [HTML] [PDF]    170    Bergman, Jerry Article
Creative Providence in Biology [HTML] [PDF]    179    Ruest, Peter Communication
Natural Hazards: Challenges to the Creation Mandate of Dominion? [HTML] [PDF]    184    Miller, Keith B. Communication
From Objective-Realism to Subjective-Relativism: Can We Find a Golden Mean? [HTML] [PDF]    188    Touryan, Kenell J. Communication
Charles Darwin and Asa Gray Discuss Teleology and Design [HTML] [PDF]    196    Miles, Sara Joan Communication
Book Reviews [HTML] [PDF]  

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