Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 52.1    March 2000

Welcome, New Day! [HTML]    1    Miller, Roman J. Communication
A View from the Crossroads of Science and Faith [HTML]    4    Roth, Michelle Young Scientists' Corner
Genesis, Quantum Physics and Reality: How the Bible Agrees with Quantum Physics--An Anthropic Principle of Another Kind: The Divine Anthropic Principle [HTML]    8    Zoeller-Greer, Peter Article
Is the Inverted Eye a Poor Design? [HTML]    18    Bergman, Jerry Article
The Garden of Eden: A Modern Landscape [HTML]    31    Hill, Carol A. Article
Toldot Adam: A Little-Known Chapter in the History of Darwinism [HTML]    47    Dodson, Edward O. Article
God’s Design Plan in Nature: A Fresh Look at Altruism [HTML]    55    Morris, Michael C. Communication
McIntyre’s Fatal Flaw [HTML]    73    Hayworth, Douglas Letter to the Editor
Mathematical Impossibility [HTML]    74    Bube, Kenneth P. Letter to the Editor
On Harold Booher’s “Origins, Icons and Illusions” [HTML]    75    Mills, Gordon C. Letter to the Editor
Clarification of the Prediction Sets [HTML]    75    Siemens, Jr. David F. Letter to the Editor
Corrections [HTML]    76    McGrath, Gavin Basil Letter to the Editor
Genesis Revisted or Revised? [HTML]    77    Seely, Paul H. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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