Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 49 Number 3    September 1997

Conference on Naturalism, Theism, and the Scientific Enterprise [HTML]          141    Koons, Robert C. Editorial
Methodological Naturalism? [HTML]          143    Plantinga, Alvin Article
Charles S. Pierce, Scientific Method, and God [HTML]          156    Pence, Terry G. Article
Naturalism and Non-teleological Science: A Way to Resolve the Demarcation Problem Between Science and Non-science [HTML]          162    Abney, Keith Article
Darwinian Naturalism, Theism, and Biological Design [HTML]          170    Shanahan, Timothy Article
Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information [HTML]          180    Dembski, William A. Article
Time and Eternity [HTML]          192    Drozdek, Adam Communication
On Moreland: Spurious Freedom, Mangled Science, Muddled Philosophy [re. 49.1 p. 2] [HTML]          196    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Reflections on PSCF Articles [HTML]          208    Heinrichs, Daniel Letter to the Editor
Response to Bube [re. 49.4 p. 250] [HTML]          209    McGrath, Gavin Basil Letter to the Editor
Tanner: Right, But ... [re. 49.2, p. 111] [HTML]          210    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Response to Seely [HTML]          210    Pittman, Tom Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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