Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Response to Seely

Tom Pittman

ASA Member
Spreckels, CA 93962-7278

From: PSCF 49 (September 1997): 210.

I found Paul Seely's critique of Concordist Theory a refreshing return to the authority of Scripturesˇuntil I got to his proposed "More Biblical Approach" (PSCF June 1997, p.93).

Scripture can and does include concessions to hardened hearts, but never at the expense of providing God's truth to his faithful followers. Seely refers to Mark 10:5, but he stopped too soon! In Mark 10:6 Jesus made it quite clear that the unconceded truth (in this case, about marriage and divorce) is also to be found in Scripture, which by its priority takes precedence over the law of Moses. To argue as Seely does that Genesis 1 is a concession to hardness of heart requires that he show also from Scripture what the prior unconceded truth is.

I applaud Seely's innovative proposal here, but I wonder if it might be motivated more by a scientific agenda than a concern for truth. I suggest he consider carefully whether Mark 7:13 and Mark 12:24 might be more relevant than Mark 10:5.