Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 40 Number 1    March 1988

Putting Things in Perspective [HTML]          1    Bullock, Wilbur L. Editorial
SEARCH: Scientists Who Serve God -- Walter Bradley, Texas Professor Probes Life’s Mystery [HTML]          1a    Hearn, Walter R. Communication
The Vast Arena of Faith [HTML]          2    Herrmann, Robert L. & Templeton, John M. Article
Relativity and Christian Thought: The Early Response [HTML]          10    Haas, John W., Jr. Article
A History and Analysis of the 15.7 Light-Year Universe [HTML]          19    Phillips, Perry G. Article
Self-Reproducing Automata and the Origin of Life [HTML]          24    Newman, Robert C. Article
Coping With Controversy: Conflict, Censorship and Freedom Within Evangelicalism [HTML]          32    Jones, D. Gareth Article
The Contemporary Relevance of Augustine's View of Creation [HTML]          42    Young, Davis A. Article
What is Science? [HTML]          45    Seeger, Raymond J. Article
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