Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 34 Number 2    June 1982

The Nature of the Transitions of Growth [HTML]          65    Berry, C. Markham Article
Some Implications of Artificial Intelligence Research [HTML]          71    Feucht, Dennis L. Article
By What Authority: Verification of Theories in the Social Scienc [HTML]          77    Sherratt, Timothy Article
Security in Morality in Planning for U.S. Defense [HTML]          84    Skillen, James W. Article
The Post-Darwinian Controversies [part 2 of 4] [HTML]          90    Aulie, Richard P. Article
Pascal, Passionate Pilgrim [HTML]          96    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
Descriptive and Ideal Psychological Theory          97    Frisby, T. L. Communication
Science and Finite Imagination [HTML]          99    Shank, Norman E. Communication
A Christian Sociology? [HTML]          100    Barger, George W. Letter to the Editor
The Spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin: An Evangelical Critique [HTML]          104    Ward, Terry A. Communication
Creationism and Inerrancy [HTML]          106    Young, Davis A. Communication
Public Policy and the Alcohol Fuel Binge [HTML]          107    Malloch, Theodore R. Communication
Towards a Theology of Church and Computer [HTML]          110    Daniels, Stephen R. Communication
Author Responds to Critic [on apparent age] [HTML]          123    Krause, David J. Letter to the Editor
135 Years Later [HTML]          123    Davis, E. B. Letter to the Editor
Impressed by Articles on “Creation” [HTML]          123    Inderbitzen, Anton L. Letter to the Editor
Thanks for a Broader Perspective [HTML]          123    Newquist, Wayne E. Letter to the Editor
Tentative Conclusions Based on Questionable Sources [HTML]          124    Gingerich, Owen Letter to the Editor
Tentative Conclusions Based on Questionable Sources [HTML]          124    Krause, David J. Letter to the Editor
Competitiveness and the 'True Sin of Sodom' [HTML]          124    Roy, Rustum Communication
Example of Evangelical Excess [HTML]          125    Blair, Ralph Letter to the Editor
Well-Informed but Without Wisdom [HTML]          125    Mansell, Bonnie J. Letter to the Editor
No Male Rights? [HTML]          125    Billingsley, Steve Letter to the Editor
Eliminate the Tube [HTML]          128    Hawksley, Rick Letter to the Editor
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