Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


No Male Rights?
Steve Billingsley
Bedminster, New Jersey 07921

From: JASA 34 (June 1982): 125-126.

In reading the article on "Abortion" (Journal ASA, September 1981) 1 could find no evidence of a consideration for male rights.

The woman has a very biologic bond/claim to her child. As they say, possession is 9/10 of the law. She could leave and have the child on her own or abort. The male is not regarded after conception. He is dependent completely on her after conception as to whether the child is born.

The woman, being relatively dependent during pregnancy and child rearing, will however, contract with the male for protection and support. The male provider in return has claim to the children in part. It is the only way he can have his own children-contractual law.

If the woman receives 100% legal right for decisions as to whether she brings a pregnancy to term, two people lose out-the fetus and the father.

(Readers of the article mentioned will find the statement, "In many cases a false approach to abortion decisions may occur if all of the options are not explored. . . In husband-and- wife situations, or even in the case of an unmarried couple, the perspective of the father should be included in the total decision making process. " Ed.)