Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 31 Number 2    June 1979

The Relationship between Christian Truth and the Natural Sciences [HTML]          65    Bube, Richard H. Article
The Ongoing Struggle Over Biblical Inerrancy [HTML]          69    Pinnock, Clark H. Article
Another View: The Battle for the Bible [HTML]          74    Coleman, Richard J. Article
The Argument for Inerrancy: An Analysis [HTML]          80    Phillips, Timothy R. Article
The Behaviorist Bandwagon and the Body of Christ II. A Critique of Ontological Behaviorism from a Christian Perspective [HTML]          88    VanLeeuwen, Mary Stewart Article
Christianity and Culture II. Incarnation in a Culture [HTML]          92    Pike, Kenneth L. Article
Meditation: A Requirement [HTML]          96    Martin, Helen E. Article
Acceptance Address for the Templeton Prize 1978 [HTML]          103    Torrance, Thomas F. Article
Human Sexuality (a) Are Times A'Changing? [HTML]          106    Bube, Richard H. Article
Problems of Chemical Evolution Not Solved by Prigogine [HTML]          127    Bradley, Walter Article
Dialogue More Fruitful Than Dispute [HTML]          127    Buswell, III, James O. Letter to the Editor
Nuclear Waste Can Be Handled [HTML]          127    Irish, Everett R. Letter to the Editor
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