Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 31 Number 4    December 1979

The Christian View of Science and Scripture [HTML]          177    Haas, John W., Jr. Editorial
An Interview with Bernard Ramm and Alta Ramm [HTML]          179    Hearn, Walter R. & Ramm, Bernard Article
Five Personal Reminiscenses on the Influence of The Christian View of Science and Scripture [HTML]          179    Everest, F. Alton & Carpenter, Dewey K., Willis, David L., Haynes, John D., Yamauchi, Edwin Article
Effect on the Literature of The Christian View of Science and Scripture [HTML]          190    Maatman, Russell Communication
Two Reflections on the Book [The Christian View of Science and Scripture] [HTML]          191    Pinnock, Clark H. & Kaiser, Christopher B. Communication
Responses in Specific Fields to The Christian View of Science and Scripture [HTML]          192    Stipe, Claude E. & Gingerich, Owen, Mills, Gordon C., Wright, Richard T., Leith, Thomas H. Communication
ASA: Then and In the Future [HTML]          196    Hartzler, H. Harold & Sisterson, William D. Editorial
Integrative Strategies in a Secular Age [HTML]          198    Burwell, Ronald J. Article
Science Education for the Emotionally Disturbed Child [HTML]          202    Fuson, Albert J. Article
Good and Evil in Technology as a Question of Christian Values [HTML]          205    Schwarz, Hans Article
Dooyeweerd's Doctrine of Science [HTML]          209    Knudsen, Robert D. Article
Cultic Conversion: Analysis and Response [HTML]          218    Stellway, Richard J. Letter to the Editor
The Metalllic Sky: A Travesty of Modern Pseudoscholarship [HTML]          220    Archer, Gleason L. Letter to the Editor
C. S. Lewis on Science [HTML]          221    Neidhardt, W. Jim Letter to the Editor
Some Were Pleased [HTML]          223    VanderVennen, Robert E. & Haas, Jr., John W., Basinger, David, Hammond, P., Tomaschke, Harry Letter to the Editor
Others Were Not [Letters Critical of the June 1979 Articles on Inerrancy] [HTML]          223    Steiner, Bradford E. & Hartzler, Harold H., Geisler, Norman L. Letter to the Editor
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