Science in Christian Perspective



A Retrospective Look
John W. Haas, Jr.
Gordon College Wenham, Massachusetts 01984

From: JASA 31 (September 1979): 177.

The publication of Bernard Ramm's The Christian View of Science and Scripture in 1954 was a pivotal event for evangelicals concerned with the relation between science and Christian faith. In marking the 25th anniversary of this enduring work, we have charted its influence on individual scientists and the broader Christian community and provided a critical update for the several disciplines represented within its pages. In honoring Dr. Ramm, we in turn call on other theologians to follow his lead by contributing to the science-Christianity dialogue. It is only through the active participation of theologians, philosophers, historians and scientists in concert that we will gain a proper understanding of nature and its use in the service of humanity.


Bernard Ramm holds an A. B. degree from the University of Washington, a B.D. degree from Eastern Baptist Seminary, an MA. and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California. He has been on the faculty of Biola College, Bethel College and Seminary, Baylor University, the American Baptist Seminary of the West (Covina), Eastern Baptist Seminary, and the American Baptist Seminary of the West (Berkeley), where he is currently Professor of Christian Theology. He has also taught at Haigazian College in Beirut, the Young Life Institute, and the Mennonite Biblical Seminary of Fresno where he was an adjunct professor. He has carried out further study in his field at the University of Basel and the Near East School of Theology. Dr. Ramm is the author of 18 books (with one or more in translation: Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Serbian), as well as numerous articles and book reviews in journals and popular Christian periodicals.