Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 23 Number 2    June 1971

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The New Copernican Revolution [HTML]          42    Harman, Willis W. Article
Nothing Really New (re. Harman's 'The New Copernican Revolution') [HTML]          43    Collins, Gary R. Article
An Embarrassing Question for Psychologists (re. Harman's 'The New Copernican Revolution') [HTML]          46    Walker, C. Eugene Article
On Man's Creativity [HTML]          48    Richards, John C. Article
Evangelical Theology and Technological Shock [HTML]          52    Ramm, Bernard Article
A Structured Model of Reality [HTML]          57    Neidhardt, W. Jim Article
Professional Responsibility and Social Issues [HTML]          62    Heddendorf, Russell Article
Towards Consistent Christian Social Involvement [HTML]          64    Balswick, Jack O. Article
Wanted: A Bibliography on Pedagogy [HTML]          76    Blaisdell, Darius Othniel Letter to the Editor
Journal Is Too Good [HTML]          76    Campbell, William F. Letter to the Editor
How Does Modern Science Affect Christian Doctrine? [HTML]          77    Krause, David J. Communication
Pollard Anticipated by Kuyper [HTML]          77    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Very Few are Doing God's Work [HTML]          78    Dare, John Letter to the Editor
Private Interpretation Dangerous [HTML]          78    Boardman, Donald C. Communication
Source of Error in English Bible [HTML]          78    Brauer, Oscar L. Letter to the Editor
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