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Letter to the Editor


Very Few Are Doing God's Work
John Dare-Evangelist 
10, Maiganda Deva Mudoliar Road 
Fraser Town Rangalore 5 South India

From: JASA (June 1971): 78.

(This letter was written to the Editor, not directly in response to a journal publication, but with a message thought to be of general concern to journal readers.)

"To torn one's back on this responsibility with the ex hortation to leave it in the hands of God while doing
nothing, is to abdicate man's God-given role as caretaker of His creation."

This letter comes to you from the other end of the world. The above statement of yours appearing in the Eternity magazine issue of Sept. 1970. It is a piece of literature on present-day Christianity. The world is running a mad race to destruction only. Everybody is turning one's back on his responsibility of serving God. They serve Mammon only.

Let me introduce myself to you. I am a Native of this place doing evangelistic work amongst the Hindus, Muslims and Communists of Southern India. You might he knowing about this country. Millions and millions of poor people are dying of starvation. The population of this country is 550 million. And out of this only 5 million are Protestant Christians. Out of this 5 million we cannot count even a couple of hundred as born-again Christians. Very few people are doing God's work. We have no churches nor Pastors in rural areas. We have no proper transport to reach the rural villages. We walk the distance. In certain places we cannot get even drinking water. If you wish I can send you pictures to show the situation here. Gospel message has not even reached to many unsaved. Millions are dying without hearing the Good News of Jesus Saves.

At this grave hour your country's leader one Dr. Carl Mclntire is taking a Victory march spending several millions of dollars. He is asking youngsters to buy Victory sweat-shirts. Is this the way to propagate the Gospel of Christ? No concern for the people in the underdeveloped areas to tell about Christ. Certainly he is turning his back to us.

I read many people in America are sending money to "Conscience Money Account" in the U.S. Treasury. They realize their faults.

May God use this nice article of yours to turn unto the Lord. Pray for this poor country and the work we do to brings souls to Christ.

I am interested in your Journal ASA. May I have a copy for my edification and pass on the message contained therein to the unsaved here?

I learned English under British Missionary when the British ruled us. Excuse me if you find mistakes.
Crave your prayers and blessings.