Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 22 Number 2    June 1970

Complete Issue [PDF]
The Voices of the Poor          41    Natl. Council of Negro Women Letter to the Editor
The Americanization of Sambo [HTML]          42    Pannell, William Article
Black Power: What Does It Mean? [HTML]          44    Oliver, C. Herbert Article
A Protestant Affirmation on the Control of Human Reproduction [HTML]          46    Christian Medical Society Article
Some Theological Issues [HTML]          47    Stipe, Claude E. Communication
Asking the Right Questions [HTML]          49    Bube, Richard H. Communication
An Evangelical Position on Birth Control [HTML]          50    Reeves, Earl J. Article
Other Literature [HTML]          52    Mixter, R.L. Communication
Cultural Factors Affecting Human Fertility [HTML]          53    Jennings, George J. Article
Poverty and the Adolescent Parent [HTML]          59    Jekel, James F. Article
Thanks to Dr. Pollard [re. 21.1, p. 34] [HTML]          75    Kaiser, Christopher B. Letter to the Editor
Critical Standards Essential for Evangelicals [HTML]          76    Sommerville, John Letter to the Editor
The Person of Christ [HTML]          77    Coetzee, L. Communication
Reply to letter of L. Cotzee ['The Person of Christ', p. 77] [HTML]          77    Yamauchi, Edwin Letter to the Editor
Criticism of Bible Truth [HTML]          78    Bodde, H.C. Letter to the Editor
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