Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Dr. Pollard

Christopher B. Kaiser
Ocean Highlands
Magnolia, Mass. 01930

I wish to thank Dr. Pollard (Journal ASA, 21, 34 (1969)) for his excellent address. He has established a sound biblical perspective for the immense problems of our time. His comparison of the earth to a spaceship leads me to the following comments:

1) The conditions for life on our spaceship will expire when the sun exhausts its hydrogen supply, perhaps
in five billion years (see e.g., George Gamow, A Star Called the Sun, p. 160). We cannot assume the Lord will return before that time (Mt. 24:32-44).

2)We do not yet control the motion or the temperature of our spaceship. Such a task would seem to be impossible, but, in view of the comment above, it may be implicit in the cultural mandate of Genesis One.

3) The conflicting ideologies of today's world are irreconcilable (see eg. David V. Benson, Christian
it!!, Communism and Survival, p. 55). Our spaceship will ultimately be either the city of God or else the city of man, but it can not be both (Amos 3:3).

I believe that we have the opportunity to recapture the imagination and the allegiance of man for the service of God. It is up to us as Christians to warn our fellowmen of the transitoriness of the blessings we now enjoy to call them to a new direction in history.