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(pre-August 5, 2010 archives)

Infants Can Use Language to Learn About People's Intentions

One year olds are able to detect how speech communicates unobservable intentions, researchers have found in a study that sheds new light on how early in life we can rely on language to acquire knowledge about matters . ....
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Social networking pays off more in the US than Germany

New research from North Carolina State University shows that informal social networks play an important role when it comes to finding jobs in both the United States and Germany, but those networks are significantly more important for high-paying jobs in the United States – which may contribute to economic inequality. ...
Eurek Alert
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Same adaptations evolve across different insects

For years, scientists have questioned whether evolution is predictable, or whether chance events make such predictability unlikely. A study published online July 23 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that in the case of insects that developed resistance to a powerful plant toxin, the same adaptations have occurred independently, in separate species in different places and times. ...
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Are these the brain cells that give us consciousness?

The brainiest creatures share a secret – an odd kind of brain cell involved in emotions and empathy that may have accidentally made us conscious...
New Scientist
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Coming Events

Nov. 16. “Reaching for the Heavens: The Vatican Observatory,” Chicago, IL. Speaker: Fr. George V. Coyne, President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation & Director Emeritus of the Vatican Observatory. Adler Planetarium, 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr., 7:30–9:00 p.m. Details. Expected to be available on line some time after the presentation.


Nov. 17. Science and Spirit Conference, Graduate Theological Union Library, Berkeley, CA, 7:00 p.m. Sponsored by Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences (CTNS). Details.


Nov. 17. “Human Biology and Spiritual Reality,” Cambridge, MA. Sponsors: The Veritas Forum & The Trinity Forum. Speaker: William Hurlbut. Harvard U., Sever Hall 113, 8:00 p.m. Details and Questions.


Nov. 18. "Religion and Science in Modern America," Berkeley, CA. Public Forum with Edward Davis, sponsored by Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences (CTNS). Tucson Room, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 2401 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA, 4:00 pm. Details.  


Nov. 18–20. Bible and Archaeology Fest, sponsored by Biblical Archaeology Review, San Francisco, CA. Information.


Nov. 19. Science and Religion Hospitality Event at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) Conference, San Francisco, CA. Sponsors: CTNS, IRAS and ZCRS. 7:00–10:00 p.m. Details.


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