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Being a Christian in Science

by Walter R. Hearn

Are you attracted to science?

Do you wonder if being a scientist might conflict with your Christian convictions?

Have you ever considered a scientific career as an appropriate response to God's call on your life?

Or, as a scientist with Christian convictions, have you questioned how other Christians put their careers together with their life of faith.

Then this is just the book for you! In it you'll find an insider's perspectives on what the daily life of a Christian in the natural sciences is like - both the opportunities and the challenges. Walt Hearn surveys the field, looking at everything from what scientists actually do to the hard questions Christians face about divided loyalties, integrity, personal conflicts and possible loneliness. Here is sound, practical wisdom from a respected scientist and Christian who has worked both inside and outside the laboratory.

Where can I get a single copy ($10.99 list) or class quantities?  email at the ASA office or (Put attention sales department in the subject line) to contact the publisher.

More about Being a Christian in Science.

On-line Articles

More and more articles from Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation and Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith are being put on-line. Here is a list of what is available so far.

A Designed Universe
by Robert C. Newman
Biblical Theological Seminary

Top 20 Documents for January 2000


The March 2000 issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith is now published. Here is the Table of Contents.

Dynamic directory of PSCF articles and tables of contents now on-line.

Search the database of Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith and the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation.

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