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Recommended Books Author Interview


Author: Daniel M. Harrell
Located in: Boston, MA
Submitted: May 13, 2008

    Tell us a little about yourself.  For the past 22 years I have served as a minister at Park Street Church in Boston. I also hold a PhD in developmental psychology and am interested in the interplay between faith and psychology and faith and science in general.

    What was your motivation behind this project?  Theological integrity demands that whatever we think about faith and life correspond to the way things actually are as opposed to how we want or wish things to be. God is the God of reality. If evolution is real, then to reject it presents difficulties for Christian faith and theology. A proposed alternative is to assume that ultimate truth resides in the heart and mind of God and to assume evolution to be part of that truth (all truth is Gods truth). Based upon confirmed scientific data, a flourishing, robust Christianity stays faithful to the Biblical narrative as its source for theological reflection, while at the same time heralding scientific discovery as an accurate description of the universe on which theology reflects.

    What do you hope folks will gain from this project?  Written as a pastor and practitioner, the intent is to provide scientific information and theological reflection making a connection between faith and evolution reliable, comprehensible, authentic and less fearful.

    How were you personally impacted by working on this project?  Delving deeper into the sciences caused me to marvel at the creativity and competency of God. At the same time, some of my ideas about God were rightly challenged, causing me to rethink and relearn theology in ways that focused on the cross and the sacrificial identity of God.

    Who are your influences, sources of inspiration or favorite authors / artists?  For this project, Kenneth Miller's "Finding Darwin's God" was particularly inspirational. I also appreciate the work of scholars from Calvin College, led by physicist Howard Van Til, as well as astute theological work done by Alister McGrath.

    Anything else you'd like readers / listeners to know:  Do not be afraid of science. If the earth shows forth God's handiwork, science, through the lens of Scripture, can provide an accurate lens to see God's hand.