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Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution Question

Q. Do you think when this latest scientific revelation...will challenge a Christian's faith?"

A.  Great question. If a person is forced to choose BETWEEN faith and currentg scientific thought, then the motives and belief system of that faith should be brought into question. As a believer in God, I think that a person's faith in God, should be just that, believe in God. Evolution, which is based upon scientific fact, doesn't challenge belief systems, it only reports what we observe. As we acquire more knowledge, faith in the unknown, can work around what we know to be true science. So, it presents no challenge to faith, only more evidence of our history on our planet. The challenge for people of faith, like myself, is to make our belief system fit with this new knowledge. Every time a new discovery like this is made, I marvel at this slow, gradual process of patience by which our Creator chose to create us--by the laws of biology, chemistry, and physics. Exciting and amazing!