Age Literature

Science Books Written For a General Audience. (may touch on religious ideas but primarily from a historical context)

"Ancient Earth, Ancient Skies: The Age of Earth and Its Cosmic Surroundings," G. Brent Dalrymple (1991), (2004).  PB.   A very popular book written for the general reader (no equations). Nothing on science-faith issues.

"Mysteries of Terre Firma: the age and Evolution of the Earth,"  James Powell,  2001. For general reader. Integrates the biblical/historical dimension with modern science.

Young Earth Works For Christians .  (Collectively, a negative response to main-stream science and biblical interpretation) 

Creation Science Evangelism. (Kent Hovand.) Has a number of  cheap, colorful paperbacks and a package ($45.00). Authors include Don DeYoung, Weston W. Fields,  Kent Hovand, and van B. Taylor that deal with  "scientific" and "theological" arguments for their case. Discussion starts with a literal reading of scripture; science follows.

"The Young Earth," John D. Morris (1994) PB.  
Provides standard "young earth scientific"  arguments.  Widely used.  "The real key, however, for resolving the

obably dated, but excellent.

"Creation and Time," Hugh Ross (1994). PB.  A classic concordistic approach. OE case drawn  from scripture and astronomy.  

 creation/evolution controversy is in a study of the age of the earth. Evolution demands long periods of time, but if the earth is much younger, as the Bible teaches, then evolution is even more foolish."

"Creation and Time: A report on the creationist book by Hugh Ross,"  van Bebber and Taylor. (1996) PB.  Reacts against Ross' Progressive Creationism and "theological" errors

"Creation and Change: Genesis 1:1 - 2:4 in the Light of Changing Scientific Paradigms," Douglas Kelly (2003) PB. The main thesis of Kelly's book is that the author of the Hebrew text  of Genesis 1:1-2:4 can only have intended to write a straightforward, historical account.

Old Earth Works For Christians (a mixture of books: some consider only the biblical text and others draw on science and the Bible)

"Christianity and the Age of the Earth,"  Davis A. Young (1988) PB 
Historical introduction, geology based arguments.

 "A New Look at an Old Earth," Don Stoner (1997). PB.  A dated concordistic approach. Argues case from astronomy, radiometric dating, some geology. Argues  hermeneuctical/theological case for OE;  refutes literal yom interpretation; offers some history of the Church's changing views on age.

"Foundation, Fall and Flood,"  Glenn Morton (1995). PB. The first section of the book argues against YE.   Geological, concordistic.

"Neglect of Geological Data," Daniel Wonderly (1987) PB. Geological arguments against YE claims.