God and the Big Bang - and Other Arguments about Science and Faith by Michael Poole, Visiting Research Fellow in King's College, University of London.

Summary: Some of the main topics are: the place of humans in the vast universe; are science and Christianity allies or enemies?; unprovable assumptions on which science is based; levels of explanation, and the limits of scientific explanations; miracles in relation to scientific laws; Creation and evolution; science in relation to the Bible; Christ as the incarnation of God who invites us to personal trust in him. Poole accepts an old earth, and is open to the possibility that God may have used processes of evolution in his work of creation. He states that among Christians who agree that the world is God's creation, some hold to a young earth and separate acts of creation while others "with equal respect for the authority of the Biblical record" accept an ancient universe and evolution of stars, chemicals and living things. He challenges unjustified claims for science, reductionism, "God-of-the-gaps" theology, and the worldview of evolutionism.